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whats the best fruit this month


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can't beat a nice pomello.. :)

I got some nice nectarines from morrisons friday.. they were perfectly ripe today ( well the last one was.. they've been in various stages of ripe as I've gone through all 4 since friday.. ).. again from morrisons..
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A few weeks ago when i went shopping with my mum we brought some bananas and decided to get the more greener ones as then they'd last longer. Well...a week or more on, they're still not ripe! Rock hard, i attempted to eat one and they were like bullets..and tasted chalkyish :sigh:



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pomello is sometimes called a chinese grapefruit..
it's thought by some to be the ancestor of most modern citrus fruits..
Lidl sells them ..
They are quite large ( you need 2 hands to hold one ) and one should last you a good few days..
They have a thick peel on them and are segmented like an orange or grape fruit..

I<3jellybeans, you sure they were bananas and not plantains???
plantains are "savoury" bananas type things that never go yellow..
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Aldi have blue berries for a fantastic 69p and they really are yummy on offer till the end of the week!
Make friends with your local green grocer or fruit & veg market stall - I always ask mine what's good and he'll more often than not let me try something, or offer samples of what's good that week. He's an excellent greengrocer though & has said before if it's not good he's not going to get it just for the sake of having it on his stall.

As for grapes - try one in the shop! I used to feel cheeky doing it, until I wasted £3.50 on a sour bunch of grapes!!


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you do know that's technically theft unless you mean after you've paid for them.. ( you can return "faulty goods" and I'm sure that includes food that's off... )
I do indeed, but staff have seen me before and said they do the same!

Grapes aren't off if they're sour, they're just not to my liking, so there's no fault in the product there, so the shop aren't under any obligation to refund or replace the items.

I'm not committing a moral wrong! My greengrocer feeds them too me anyway!


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S: 33st5.5lb C: 19st11lb G: 16st9lb BMI: 33.7 Loss: 13st8.5lb(40.75%)
the problem is though that you may have picked the only grape that's sour in the whole bunch, or the only sweet one.. :)
I don't buy any of my fruit from a supermarket if I can help it, because the quality is never any good, is usually dry and has no taste at all.

I get all mine from my local fresh produce store, the fruit is always juicy and crisp and I have never had a bad piece of fruit yet. Plus the veg and meat is of fair better quality too.

I recently bought some red pears, hadn't seen them before, but omg they are so juicy and yummy.

If you get any bad fruit or fruit that has no taste etc, you should return it to where it was bought from, after all you paid for it, so you shouldnt accept bad quality produce.
There are no laws to protect you from poor quality, unless it's not fit for purpose, so shops aren't under any requirement to replace food.

Grapes grow in bunches, so all taste pretty consistent if you buy them on the bunch. If I taste one sweet one, then i've never had a disappointing bunch. I should point out that if I have a sour one, I don't stand there tasting all the bunches until I find some sweet ones, I just push my trolley on!!

I'm the same as you Britmum - I tend to buy most things from the market, but if I can't get there then it's the local co-op. Their quality is hit and miss, so I usually only opt for the seasonal fruit and veg as the forced crops are never up to much.


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oh, and I meant to say that yellow plums are back - had some from Sainsbury's last week - absolutely lovely. Bought some from Tescos yesterday - not so nice...

hit and miss unfortunately

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