Whats the best lotion to use on sagging skin

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by nimi, 19 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. nimi

    nimi Full Member

    What lotion should i use to tighten up my body skin as i dont want to be left with loads of stretch marks (and saggy skin) as ive already got some from years ago which will not fade used bio oil but seem to do anything
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  3. kellymundy

    kellymundy Gold Member

  4. GaynorEm

    GaynorEm Proper Little Madam

    I like E45 lotion - a bottle goes a long way and your skin feels fabulous afterwards. Coconut butter is also meant to be very good to prevent stretch marks.
  5. nimi

    nimi Full Member

    i did use bio oil while i was pregnant that did no good as my stomach looks like spaggetti junction its terrible and now i can see lines running all over me body!!!
  6. quizzicalgrrl

    quizzicalgrrl Posting Mad!

    I use E45 because it isn't greasy. If you get any success with another type let me know so I can try too! xx
  7. nimi

    nimi Full Member

    any one tried vitamin e cream
    anyone no of any other creams to use to titen up sagging skin?
    its not sagging yet but rather started uing a good body moisturiser
  8. Bijoux

    Bijoux Fat Fighter

    To be honest, stretch marks and saggy skin are all based on individuals. Some people are lucky they get none whilst others get too many. Sorry if I sound cynical but using lotions only won't do it, I use bio oil and although my skin isn't saggy as yet, it isn't firm either. You could try some really gentle toning exercises to help firm skin up. Plus drinking sufficient water is important in helping your skin "bounce" back.
  9. nimi

    nimi Full Member

    im drinking 3 litres a day cant take any more water lol
    but would love to hear what body creams ppl use as ive tried bio oil and e45 and it doesnt seem to do much!
  10. NewYearNewMe

    NewYearNewMe Full Member

    Really interested in this post - funny I was just speaking to my best friend about this this afternoon!
  11. nimi

    nimi Full Member

    i no thats my main concern i had a child 16 years ago and still got loads of stretch marks dont want any more as it looks terrible when i take my clothes off lol
    just wish there was a magic cream to tighten up my skin
    but good side to this diet is my hair feels wonderful even thou my hair is fine its never been in better condition than ever before thinks its due to having the right nutriants in me body

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