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What's the bloody point?


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Once again, I have eaten :cry: My first week on CD was fine and since then I've messed up big time. When I saw my CDC on my 2nd weigh in, I told her I'd been picking constantly. So much so I only lost 1lb that week. Now this weekend was my DDs birthday and I went out had had a meal and since then, I've had another meal. And it's not healthy stuff either.

I think I've mentally gone 'bugger it, I'm a failure so may as well come off CD'. Thing is, I don't WANT to come off CD, I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. But something is stopping me and I don't know what to do about it. I'm too embarrassed to go to my weigh in on Tues as I'm embarrassed to admit I failed once again.

I don't know what to do except rant on here - I feel like a complete prat.
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Don't feel like a prat - you are not one, you are simply a human being struggling to adjust to a very tough regime.

I haven't done CD, I don't think I have the right personality to be successful at it. But I do know plenty of people on here who struggle to settle into it. You may be one of those or it maybe that CD is not for you. Either way stop having a go at yourself. Your weight does not define who you are. Your character, how others feel about you, what you do for your family and why they love you -thats what you are about. Not what a number on a set of scales say.

Stop letting this issue dictate whether you are happy or sad. Each day is a day of your life, enjoy it now without putting off happiness to a future date.

With hugs


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Don't beat yourself up about it honey.......this diet is so incredibly hard, and I actually do think that the 1st week is actually the easiest, its the weeks after that we need to keep our motivation topped up at 100%. You are certainly not a prat....you are still here and still as determined as ever to do this....me too!

Tell you what, I'll make you a deal, as I'm pretty much at the same stage of this diet as you, lets buddy up and keep each other going.......I'm doing the 790 plan but have had teeny wobbles this week due to real life major issues getting in my way.....but if we stay strong for each other and be our very own cheerleaders we can do it....what do you say?

I'm going to my weigh in on Tuesday and I will use it as a learning tool and hopefully a kick up the backside........lets do this together hun!



Has Wobbly Bits
S: 12st13lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st6lb(3.31%)
thanks you two. Barbs, what you're saying is right but my weight is affecting so many things in my life at the moment, I'm just not the person I was before I gained weight. I need to lose the blubber for me and also for those around me. I'm depressed, lethargic, no sex drive, my relationship is suffering and I know that I was ok before I put this weight on (3 stones in 2 years!). I shouldn't let this rule my life but it is - if I could find a way, or something inside myself, that would stop the way I feel, I would.

Julesy - you're on. I will make myself go to my weigh in on Tues, admit I messed up and start over. I really appreciate everyone's support on here - you're all fab.
I think you want this so you should give it another shot. You just have to say to yourself before you pick at something why am i doing this? do i want food / lose weight? I know how you feel I cheated once so far and i felt like crap really thought what am i doing to myself I gained 2pounds!!! Tell your cdc what happened im sure she will be supportive :)

xx becky xx
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Karen, Like you 3 stone in 2 years, its hard to accept yourself as this person who's not happy with the way they look. I too feel I was much happier and a much better person when I was slimmer. Just remember why you started the diet in the first place, remember that feeling and the determination you had then. Just try to remind yourself every time you want to give in why you are doing this and how good you will feel WHEN you succeed. Each time you beat the craving for food it gets easier to say no. I've only been doing this diet for 5 days but each time I want to eat something I think why spoil what I've done so far, i'm NOT giving in. Good Luck Carol x

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