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what's the longest


On a mission
80 days for me.



On a mission
nothing at all?


On a mission
i know, but most people slip up. I was just intrigued to see how long someone can go without eating

not me!! i hope anyway

wow that's great

well done everyone!
I've never cheated. Just have 2 strawberry shakes, a peanut flapjack, litres of water and the odd black coffee everyday. The monotony doesn't bother me anymore.

I wouldn't cheat - don't want my hand slapped by the gorgeous Gaz!

Most people slip up????? Really where are these figures published? I went 25 weeks and never cheated once as so many on here have never mind all the success stories that are not on this site in the UK and the US.
never mind food - what the longest u have went without sex... i bet i would win that thread hands down! lol x
does playing with yourself count???? lol xx
months, but your married Scaz that doesnt count lol
Gaz, you is looking mighty HOT these days, I'm sure it won't be too long before you get lucky!!!

Good luck hun!

Luck, cheers lol xx


soon to be minnie mouse
82 days now for me without food, the other well it seems like 82 months lol
Cant do maths.....7wks Fri WI.....am well pleased its so easy!!!!!! (now) x

rainbow brite

3 days :eek::eek: However, I intend to never cheat again so hopefully I'll be seeing that number rising every day! :cool:

As for the other... about 4 days :D

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