What's the most anyone here has lost during foundation?

Hi Yorkiegirl,
I'm 10 days away from day 100 - still a little bit to do, but I'm just at the 4 stone mark ... I'll let you know the final total on 10 days time!
Everyone seems to lose at different rates and it doesn't seem to make much difference how much you actually have to lose. My group are all doing really well but we've all had slow weeks and better weeks and there doesn't seem to be a pattern at all. The only thing I would say is don't be put off if you get a couple of poor losses - we lose sight of how fast this diet is compared with others that we've tried .... there was a time that I'd be celebrating just remaining constant!
All the best,
I have lost just over 4 stone since the begining of November. Have done an aam week this week and unfortunately added more than a meal in that I also added a few glasses of wine.


I lost just under 3, but was still really pleased!

A lady in our class lost 5 stone....

Again, no rhyme or reason to it!

Hi Yorkie girl.
Just finished the 100 days phase( well actually 97days!!) I have lost 3 stones 9lbs!! This is the weight of my 5 year old daughter!! When I go shopping in Asda with her I pick her up and try and walk down the isles and I can't believe how heavy she is!! To think I used to carry her around with me all the time and it wasn't that long ago.
Before you know it your 100days will be up and your weight loss will be amazing. To date it is brilliant!!
I really am feeling so positive about my 100 days. I know it's early days, but I am very very determined to shift the weight.
Some fantastic weight losses ladies. I am lookin forward to day 100 when I can total it all up and say, 'I have lost xx stone' and grin from ear to ear, whether that be 2, 3 or more stone!
Hi, I lost 4 stone something by the end of foundation. Now 5 stone 3lb 4 weeks into development. Nobody in my group lost less than 3 stone!