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Whats the quickest way to lose 10lbs in 11 days??


fatgirl slim! lol
Hi guys! Ive been doing the cambridge diet now for almost a month! I have done perfectly with no slip ups! Ive lost 20lbs in all and thats not including my weigh in on wed so i may have lost more :D hopefully hehe!! Im going ascot on the 18th of june and desperately need to lose 11lbs so im at my 13stone...im going to be in the grandstand which is the poshest part and dont wanna look like a beasty fat frump lol!! if anybody has any ideas?? i go gym so if its increasing my workouts ill do that i just wondered if anybody had any particular advice??? muchos loveeee amanda x x x
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fatgirl slim! lol
Arrr thanks for the reply :) was starting to think no one would lol!! I spose if there was a quicker fix we would all do it!! If i went gym 4 times a week i hope it increases the loss lol oooo x x
hey Amanda

I dont know what the answer is - the 'best' plan is SS, so its the only way to get close to it. good luck though.
hi hun, just be careful of working out too hard. i was doing the diet a couple of weeks ago ( ended up braking it, but back on track now) and i had been having good losses, so thought i would work out more. I already walk four miles a day (school run)= 500 cals, then gym cardio work out= 400 cals and then 30 min swim = around 350 cals, so was burning around 1250 cals, most days, i thought i must definatly loose weight when only eating less than 500 cals a day. I wasn't happy after all my efforts to find i had only dropped 4lb. My CDC siad that cos i was burning so many cals that my fat burning had slowed right down and that i either needed to eat a healthy low carb meal on my work out days or have another CD meal, or work out less. Good luck with whatever you deside hun, but hope this helps.


Must do it this time
Hey hun,

I did cd 2 years ago for the 1st time and worked out alot,5 days in the gym and 2 boxercise classes per week and this time round im not in the gym at all just walking 3 miles 4 times per wk and doing the wii fit and cardio workout and my losses are alot more this time round....go figure.
Hope you lose what you need to in time.


Perseverance is key
Hey hun, cant really say anymore than what everyone else has said but just wanted to say hope you have a good day at Ascot :) im also going to Ascot, but on the 17th, ive never been before so im pretty excited! :) xx


fatgirl slim! lol
Thanks for all your replies!! Ive just got back from the gym...i do an hr n a half roughly of cardio work...was planning on going everyday this week but maybe thats not such a gd idea then lol!!

LeaPJ.....This is my first time at ascot too and im in the grandstand which is full of the posh lot lol!! Im kinda nervous but im sure itll be fun! I would of been on the ss for nearly 5 weeks by then but i admit im having that particular day off to drink...then straight back to stage 1 again on the saturday!! I know i shouldnt but im only 23 and i dont think i could stand being there without a drink in hand and let my hair down for once! Ive been so good so far ive had no slip ups whatsoever! Make sure u have a lovely day too hun :) x

I also have my weigh in tomorrow so ill be sure to let u know how close i am to losing that 11lbs lol...hopefully ive lost at least 4 this week and ill be happy :D x x x
I'm sure you'll be fine and have a great time, I'm off away with my mates next week and will certainly be off plan and enjoying myself! Just need to make sure straight back on the wagon when I get back!


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Just be careful if you are in ketosis cos drinking too much can send you really loopy !! Don't want to be a kill joy but just wanted you to be aware ... Have a lovely time. Good luck with reaching your target. Sure you'll look fab whatever.


fatgirl slim! lol
Thanks Dobo! Im going to have something to eat aswell so will i still go a bit loopy? lol straight back on the wagon on the saturday...haven't come this far to gain it all back!! I cant wait to get to my week 5 from then lol means a meallllll omg how exciting haha!!
Had my weigh in last week and i lost 1 POUND!! i couldnt believe it ive worked so hard aswell but ah well i lost so much in the first three weeks i spose i cant be too greedy ay! Roll on this wednesday for crunch time :) I tried on my dress for ascot a size smaller than what i normally am and it fits perfect so despite a low loss i am over the moon about that woohoo!! x


Gone fishing
Ack. Wish I'd seen this thread earlier.

You do need to be careful doing a lot of cardio on this diet. Strange things can happen on the scales ;)

Take it easy hun.

As for drinking, yep, you need more food. You need to take yourself out of ketosis (so add carbs), and don't want to drink on an empty stomach. You could ruin your day.

Have a fab time:clap: and remember that it's one day off. Don't let that roll into two. It's so easy. You have to be really focused to get back on it.

Very doable, but if you delay getting back on, you may find yourself really struggling. Just a warning.


fatgirl slim! lol
Thanks KD...and yes strange things are happening because i dont seem to lose as much now as i did at first lol! I dont mind too much tho as ive lost inches and im getting fitter, makes me feel good too :)
Im going out again on the saturday but im all prepared with my three shakes a day to start again and im driving! My friends are going for a meal first and im skipping that bit! I have it all planned and im quite focused so fingers crossed!
Well done aswell on the 8 stone wow thats amazing and you are an inspiration! Im thinking about doing weightwatchers after ive reached my goal to maintain it? I hope its a good idea as i dont want to ruin all my hard work x x

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