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Whats up wih minimins?


Is a crunchy mama!
Its been acting up all day. I have to post this on my phone via the app but when I try to get in on my computer its super slow loading and eventually says page can't be found. Is this happening to just me? I can get on to other websites, just not minimins...
i've no idea but our babies are almost the sameage and i'm bf'ing too :) have you started introducings solids yet? x
I've not had any problems...


Is a crunchy mama!
Oh I didn't know this was sent! I sent another message on my phone. Oops lol!

Haven't introduced solids yet, but I will on the 18th of Aug when she'll be exactly 6 months lol. I'm so excited!


Is a crunchy mama!
Hmmm that's so weird. I'll turn comp off and on. I'm so bad with IT stuff, my solution to everything it to turn it off and on!
Its been a total mare tha last few days. Yesterday was a joke though, beyond belief. :mad: Does this thing have connections with IPC perchance? :confused:
I dont think anyone was a having a go at Pierce or anyone else, just confirming we were all experiencing problems (ergo it wasnt our own connection that was the problem) :)
Just the same I'm afraid - pretty much every 2nd page comes up as IE cannot display the webpage and I have to refresh the page, and even then it takes ages to load the page. Oh and yes, I'm on virginmedia.

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