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Whats worse than your husband getting a takeaway?



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I had a similar experience the other day...

I had to ask my husband what was he thinking bringing home my favourite M&M's after I had given them up a few days before.

He said they were for him...

Seems he got a craving for them even though he rarely eats chocolate of any kind.:rolleyes:

If I did not know him so well, I would think he was trying to sabotage me:psiholog:
I'm just so rarrrrrrrr right now!

Plus being the lucky woman I am I get to deal with the left overs later >(
I'm with Starlight - surely he can "do" tea for the kids tonight - especially as it's your favourite? He must realise how much this means to you. I'd make myself unavailable for the evening!! Stay strong x


Likes to change diets...
Thats harsh...and a little selfish, imo.

Yes bin the leftovers straight away...and when you don't give in to temptation, you will feel mighty proud of yourself:)
Deal with it. :)

You are doing the diet, not anybody else, which means they can eat whatever they want, whenever they like. If anything, you will only get stronger.

My husband brought takeaway when I was on day one of LL. Brought some today as well for himself and his family (in-laws). Besides that, since I'm the 'family chef', I cook for everyone daily, mostly things that I like. I have gotten used to it now, in just over a week. I observe people eat and I really am appalled at the amount they gulp down themselves. It has started to look beastly to me, and I do not want to be a beast anymore. :)

Good luck and stay strong. Think that this isn't a one off thing. If you are going to be on the programme for a while, you will have people eating in your face.
Cereal he's had takeaway every night since I started and I have been dealing with it.

This diet is so much bloody harder the second time round and I'm just really starting to struggle.
Hang in there kiddo - its early days - try and remember that once you are in your groove, it gets much easier.

You can do this = you have had a great start - just keep your blinkers on, and I agree - make your OH deal with the meal and the children - you deserve to look after yourself. xxx
Cereal he's had takeaway every night since I started and I have been dealing with it.

This diet is so much bloody harder the second time round and I'm just really starting to struggle.
Have you spoken to him about it and well quite honestly asked what hes thinking?? Is he thinking hes doing you a 'favour' in taking the need for cooking away or is he trying to sabotage your diet???

I think id be pointing out how hard this is and how constant take aways are making it even harder for you :(


Likes to change diets...
Future...just an idea but when he has his takeaway and assuming he would have bought you one too before you began LL again.... can you not ask him for the equivalent in cash and save it for your new wardrobe? If he is having a takeaway most nights I'm sure it won't take long to add up?

And also if he does insist on buying a takeaway, can you not time it so the youngest are in bed ( I'm assuming here...so don't take offence!!) and have some time with the 2 oldest on your own? Maybe go up to your bedroom and read/watch tv?? Only suggestions hun....what I would really like you to do is not printable!!

keep strong and good luck:)
Cereal he's had takeaway every night since I started and I have been dealing with it.

This diet is so much bloody harder the second time round and I'm just really starting to struggle.

My LLC told us about how some men are very supportive and some start to get a bit jealous, you are doing something about your weight/life and maybe they are not. He quoted a few real life examples, some of them hard to believe, yet true.

I understand that the diet is hard, but think that your circumstances are testing your will power and you are only getting stronger. After you lost the weight, and your husband bought takeaway, would you forget whatever you learned from CBT/how hard you worked to lose weight, and tuck in? I think we are been taught to make healthy choices in life, and I suppose the whole idea of doing LL is not just losing weight but maintaining it as well.

Sorry if I went too far with it, but I feel its best to toughen up a little, for your own sake. I would be worried if he was trying to tease you by waving food at you/making you smell it or anything equally childish (People have done that before, just for the fun of it). Otherwise, try talking to him and telling him that he is tempting you/making it harder for you and that you need his support to get through this.

Men are strange creatures, you know.
I get it in a diff way, I have two children and am on day 3 of ss, yesterday I was so tired so decided to do the kids some pizza, my dd finished her's off but ds only ate a piece and said he didn't want anymore, normally I would have scoffed it off...lol, took me all my will power to chuck it in the bin.... I really felt good after that and totally forgot all about it, It just reminded me how bad my eating habits were... I hope you managed not to fall into the trap, it's all in the mind... I know it's terribly diff in the first few days but it gets better...
hi emma
it sooo much harder the 2nd time round....but you can do it!

was he like this the first time round? he can't eat takeaway for the next 6 months can he?!

does he want you to do ll?

when you got slimmer last time did he like it - or maybe he likes you bigger as you looked more attractive to other men last time? - just a thought, lol!

whatever- i love sorchas idea of saving the money from the chinese or whatever he is eating that you would have spent then being able to have a shopping spree when you need smaller clothes!!

daisy x
I do think that some of our menfolk may feel a little insecure when their wives/girlfriends embark on losing weight. This is just my opinion and I do not wish to offend anyone, but some men may be worried that we become slim and attract other men. It's not that they want us to stay overweight, but perhaps they do worry about the change in us could affect how we feel about them as well.

By losing weight, we may make other changes such as hairstyle and even a change of clothing, wearing things we never wore before or used to wear before we gained weight.

It can be unsettling for men who love us as we are.

Or what I have just written is a complete load of twaddle and the simple fact is that some men are sometimes insensitive and would quite happily down a chinese/bar of choc etc in front of us whilst we sip a glass of water!!! ;)


Ready for the new me!
Sorry your finding this hard futureyummy, its even harder when you have kids but dont cave in girl you can do it! Just think of your reward and itll help you get through. My thinking is if you make it an issue it becomes one so i try not to think about it because you dont need those calories.

We had guests and they made a big deal about me going out for a treat with them, it upset me because they wouldnt let it go and then they brought a takeaway back in my first week i was really p*ssed!

My OH is sort of trying, i mean i dont mind him bringing takeaways back as long as i dont have to cook because im finding that hard at the moment. If i do get cravings i leave the room and remind myself why im doing this but so far ive not really had to leave the room apart from when my guests did it.

Is it an issue of him cooking? Im thinking of doing meals for my OH and freezing them. x

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