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whats wrong with me?


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For the past 2 days I have been vomitting and ahem had the runners real bad. I am feeling so unwell its unbelievable. its at its worst today, the smell of anything and everything is making me vomit. (i am not pregnant!)

i went to the doctors and he seems to think i have got a bad case of food poisoning. he's a new doc and doesnt know about me being on LT, i told him that im on a special diet etc so im not eating any food.

ive been drinking lots of water hoping it will get rid of whatever it is but i keep puking up slimey water (sorry!)

im startin to feel really weak and crap and dont wanna go off the diet. has anyone had this problem?
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Here we go again!
Sorry but I haven't had anything like this just wanted to say hope you feel better soon. Maybe try another doc!


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hmmm.. well im just thinking now that it has been really hot here for the past couple of days and I have been working out in the gym which has been roasting coz its got windows all over the place! Im just wondering that the heat mite be doing something to me??


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the heat could be a possibility hun but i dont really know much about any illnesses! lol

i hope you start to get better soon though! :D xx


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thank you honey. i really hope so too. ive been puking so much Ive got these red dots on my eye balls and i look disgusting.


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I hope you feel better soon hunni x x x


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Oh dear that doesn't sound good.
Maybe you should take it easy for a few days and if you're still not well i'd go with the trying another doctor idea or take some literature on the diet to your current doctor so he/she can have a look through that.

FIngers crossed you feel better soon hun.



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thanx guys..
well good news is that i havent been sick for the past 2 hours! :)
god that reminds me i gotta text mrs unknown back! xx


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Hope you feel better soon hun x


Here we go again!
Glad you're feeling a little better. Keep sipping the water (uurgh! more water) and take it easy. Maybe leave the gym for a few days and rest up. Hope you feel better real soon.


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thats good chick, hope you get better soon xx

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
sounds like a bug (norovirus?) lots of it around! hope it clears up soon x


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Aww babe, I hope you're feeling better.

I haven't thrown up at all on LT, but my dizzy spells and tiredness has gotten worse. But I'll survive.

Get well soon hunny! lots of hugs xxx
Oh poor love
Me too, but I know its a bug cos my lovely grandchildren gave it to me last weekend lol
I have been sick a lot and feeling faint, 2 days running I had only one shake, I just couldn't manage any more
Hope you are feeling better soon darl xxx


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Tummy bug I think! Rest, fluids, rest and fluids! It will take its course. I had similar for 2 days but my daughter had it for 8 days!!! Hope you are feeling better soon!
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Thats so horrible for you, you poor thing. I think you may have picked up a bug from somewhere, really dont think it can have anything to do with the diet. I picked up a particular viscious one on Chrisrmas Eve a few years back visiting my elderly neighbour in hospital...I think I just picked up a pen that another patient had dropped. Bang went my Christmas... I couldn't even cook, let alone eat, then my OH got it....then his son...... So you really can pick up these dredful things out ot the blue. What has the Pharmacy recommended?


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i am really gutted. i went to pharmacy today and they wont give me my shakes this week. they checked my blood pressure etc and said it was very low and she said just generally i dont look right so they recommended that i take a break. i said i didnt want to so she went and spoke to the other pharmacist who also had a check and they both decided that they wouldnt. ive been told to refeed and also drink lots of water.

im not happy coz after all that i'd only lost 2lbs and i almost started crying. i still have about a week of LT which my younger sister had left over so im thinking of still carrying on. i really dont want to stop i know how hard it was for me to get back into it this time and i just dont wanna give up. and if i stop now i definitely wont get to my mini goal by 12th april :(
You must think about your health hun, if your blood pressure is low then the Pharmacists are the ones who know about these things and only advising you what is best. Why dont you try having 2 shakes a day and a small meal of chicken or fish with some vegetables, might just be what you need.

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