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What's wrong ?

I don't know what is happening. I weigh myself everyday for motivation, but my weight is the same as 8 days ago, only 1.5 lbs lighter. And I haven't been cheating at all, just 100% SS. In the weekend I've done some swimming, and some squats and some weight for my wobbly arms, but that is it. Nothing harsh! And ofcourse I'm drinking my 2.5/3 liters water.....Am I retaining water or what? And my TOTM is on the way again too.....my loss for the past three weeks are just not what I've had expected and wished for, there sooo low.....:cry:

I know I've lost a good amount untill now, but I want fast weightloss that's why I'm going with the plan, strickt with it. And I dont even think of cheating cause I want to lose it, like in 5/6 months! :(
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I am one of the 63336

Sorry to hear you are sounding so low.

Have you measured yourself over the past few weeks. It may be that you are losing inches and your body is just redistributing the weight.

i really think if you stick with it you'll reach your targets xx
Yes, I did measure myself and I did lost some inches....especially around my waist.

Maybe is that......but sooo down and I need motivation, since my scale is showing the same numbers day after day after day :(


I am one of the 63336
Are you moving your scales around or keeping them in exactly the same place?

I moved mine the other day when I was washing the bathroom floor, hopped on them and they said I'd lost a stone in a day. Nice thought but no chance!!
If you stick to the diet it will work, you might lose 1 lb this week and then 6 next week! It's not easy when your losses slow but stick with it. Might sound strange but days you're exercising maybe try having 4 packs those days instead of 3, this diet is only meant to give your body enough calories to keep going not to exercise.

If you're losing inches you know it's working!
Yep, gotta echo what ASP says: if you've lost inches then it is working! I've seen others on here have a frustrating STS one week then show a big loss the following week.

So try and keep on track, if you are 100% then the fat *will* go! :D
And my TOTM is on the way again too.....
There you said it! last month I put on 3.5lbs over night in water retention!:eek: Just keep going as Im sure next week you will have a great loss. Remember this is a journey that may take months to get to your destination so relax and keep going
Thnx guys, I feel much better now...!! I know I can do it :-D

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