Whats your average weekly loss?

Up to last week, I'd lost 73lb in 19 weeks. So that averages at a tad over 3.8lb per week. CD's claim is an average loss of a stone a month (3.5lb per week) so I'm skimming along at what can be expected and not much more. When I first started, I so desperately wanted to be one of the CD superstars losing spectacular amounts every month but it wasn't to be.

I have to be content to be Mrs Average - but it's still way more and loads faster than any conventional diet I've ever been on so I can't complain. :)
My average loss is 3.4 (on LL though) - until two weeks ago it was 4.4 but I have had two poor weeks. I am trying for a mega week this week though to pull this back up.
At the moment it averages at 5.125 lbs per week which is huge.
I fully expect and know this will slow down but I have never put it into figures like that and it's bloody amazing.

Your average at the start is naturally fairly high if you have a good few weeks at the start but I have found that it drops down the longer you are on it on a VCLD. This is my 28th week and my average is 3.8 (snap Debbie), pretty happy with it although on the low loss weeks its hard to keep yourself motivated. Don't just look at weight take your measurements to as I find this helps keep me on the straight and narrow on the lower loss weeks.
Pickles, congrats on your loss. Makes it so much easier when you have a good loss doesn't it.
so far mine is about 5.5lbs but by the end of the month, I'll have a true picture.. I have a feeling it will even out to 3.5lbs though:rolleyes:
Don't just look at weight take your measurements to as I find this helps keep me on the straight and narrow on the lower loss weeks.

That is excellent advice for the people just starting out. I certainly found that when I was losing half a stone a week, that was the only motivation I needed. When it slowed, that is when I had my most dramatic shrinkage.

My average loss when SSing was 5.7lbs, which is about average for men I think, certainly there have been much bigger losses than that. I think the Moose averaged about a pound a day (correct me Mike if I am wrong).
I had lost 28lb up to last week (week 5) which averages out to 5.6lb a week but I don't think that's a very clear picture as 12lb of them were the first week & 7lb the second...

Still sounds good though, now if I could keep THAt up...
My average weightloss over 15 weeks is around 3.2 lb each week.

Mizzy's is 4.2lb each week over 8 weeks. We have both had perfect weeks and holidays and less good weeks, but still a good average I think!

Dizzy x
I'm noton CD but last week was my first week of SW after stopping SS on LL, and despite only doing it for 2 days cause of my birthday last Saturday and being ill all week and still ill, I lost 3 pounds, so I guess I will get good losses overall. I was meant to treat this week as my first week but so far, so bad; I am feeling worse today with an ear infection to add to the chest infection, and my rowing and horse riding have gone out the window.

Some of these losses are fab!
My average is about 3lb a week on SS :)