Whats your CD routine?


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I was thinking today about how much better i am at sticking to CD when i have a routine.
This is how it goes:

8am 1/2 litre water
10 am 1/2 litre water
12 am first pack 1/2 litre water
1pm 1/2 litre water
2pm second pack
4pm 1/2 litre water
5pm third pack
6pm 1/2 litre water
7pm 1/2 litre water
8 pm 1/2 litre water

If i stick to this then i fly through CD with hardly any problems and it's only when i slip from this routine that i seem to slip from CD.

What is your CD routine or do you not need one?
Maybe its just me, and the way i cope. But lifes far too short for routines, i just swig water all day long (although more in evening due to lack toilet time at work) and i have all 4packs at once everyday when i get home from work, usually around 7-8pm, that gets me through the day.

I stopped counting water intake ages ago, i know i get through 4-5litres a day in the fact i swig from 2litre bottles, but other than that i dont plan or count.

And odd as it sounds to most i find life far less hassle if i just make all 4 packs together and have a huge 1pint mousse each evening, i still manage to not get hunger.
Mine is water all day long.. if I do more then 2 x 2 litres bottles Im happy but peeing all the time.

I used to have all three of my packs at night, but now have one as a hot drink mid morning at work, a bar mid afternoon and then a soup sometime when I get home.
Well, I have not been SS since switching to CD, but when I was LL'ing I was the same as Prof, I just swigged water all day (~6 litres a day), and then 3 packs together when I got home from work, and then my last pack as a hot-choccie last thing at night.

My CD routine when I was sole sourcing and at my most successful was;

8am First Shake
9am - 3am At least one pint of water each hour if poss. more
12pm 2nd Shake or Soup
5pm Soup
more water at any other time if wanted and green tea in addition all day.

Fiddled about with different combinations and weekends routine was different but above was definitely the most successful for me. Tried to get my water consumption in early part of day as I can't sleep until my bladder is empty.

I also avoid bars because the introduction of bars (several months in) was bad. I believe they are a slippery slope at least for me. Gave me terrible stomach pains, and worse and cravings. Caused many an incident for me and so I banned them and wouldn't recommend them from the experience I have had.
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i have a pretty loose routine. I make sure i top up my sports bottle from a 5 litre bottle and that i have finished the 5 litres by bedtime. I just have the shakes when i feel the need but they are usually within an hour of 11am( mousse or shake), 4pm (shake or soup)and the last one i save til about 9pm (soup or bar).

i always make sure i have a spare handblender and a shake in my big sholder bag so that i dont get caught short if i stay at a friends house for longer than i am meant to and always have a litre bottle of water in there too. (yes it is a big handbag lol)
I really admire those who have a loose routine. I am so uptight about making sure i have enough water etc!!!

It's good to know people do manage to SS without a strict routine though as it stops this being another excuse for me to fail. If you guys can do it so can I!!! :)
I tend to have half a pack for brekkie as porridge, then the other half the same at lunch time

When I'm in work, drink around 2.5-3 litres of water and have my other packs as and when necessary.

My routine is pretty flimsy really and since I am still off work who knows wat will happen wen I go back nxt week!! Just realised....have had no packs today yet...whoops!!

I try to grab a glass of water everytime I walk into the kitchen when I'm home and keep a bar in the car and a few bottles of water in the car in case I need them!