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whats your favourite exercise and why?

I just love using the wii fit as i can vary what i am doing from day to day, i think it is incredibly important to find your own personal plan because ultimately more likely to stick to something if you enjoy it.

Plus having had problems with exercise addiction in the past the wii warns me if i going overboard (so easy to do) and i can monitor my exercise activities away from the wii too like earlier i spent 15 mins on the trampoline so can work that in too.
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I've never 'played' with a Wii, as to put it. But everyone seeems to be going on about the wii fit thing! Maybe I should investigate... Hmmmm :D

I love swimming though. I swam competitively as a kid so always been a fish. Stopped it when I was 16 or so, and that's when I put the weight on, as I was swimming before and after school.
Started it up again last year, managed 1 mile which is 64 lenghts, before work every day at 6am, but wasn't losing weight by doing it. I stayed the same for months! But I might start it up again, once I have confidence of getting back into my swimming costume. Yuck :p
i like to vary my exercise too, get bored doing the same thing everyday, use the wii fit also, somedays do the jogging, boxing, step aerobics etc then some days especially when the weather is nice i will go for a walk, also like louise at the top, i have been on the trampoline today, never thought of it before, and it was great fun with the kids!!
Im not really doing much atm

I am going to be borrowing a wii fit from my friend, Im looking forward to that and may invest in a game or 2 :) Any retrogradations ?

For now, Im just walking , general housework and looking after the children, they keep me on my feet :)
Evening, I am a lover of Zumba at the moment but I love Aquafit as well. I have also started walking 3 miles 4 times a week and I am loving it in this nice weather.

I have got a wii fit but I dont seem to find the time to use it.
I want to go to zumba , but my husband keeps working late , so I cant go because of the kids !


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
I'm also a Zumba lover! I'm lucky to be able to do two classes a week, I really do enjoy it. Mentally my weightloss "journey" (trying not to sound too X-Factor with weepy music in the background) started at the same time my friend bumbled me along to Zumba, so I'm crediting a lot of my new shape to Zumba, so I'm carrying on with it as long as the classes are going!

Also really into my swimming, we go three mornings a week prior to week and at other times, but my friends I swim with are such great friends, and we have such a laugh - the lifeguards are really great too.

Walking around the fell is becoming my new exercise - especially with the weather we've had this weekend!!

This time, I'm finding I actually enjoy exercising, which is something I've never done before, which is probably why I'm managing to keep at it for a sustained period of time!
Also really into my swimming, we go three mornings a week prior to week and at other times, but my friends I swim with are such great friends, and we have such a laugh - the lifeguards are really great too.

hmm so thats why you like to go swimming :D


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Most definitely Rach!! I am torn when swimming back up the pool as to whether to go slow and take in their legs or go quickly so that I can get a closer look!!

They are great guys and we have such a laugh with them - they have even invited us out to one of their birthday celebrations!! It'll be strange being out with them with "clothes on"!!!
Nice !! wish you could get a picture ! x
i love body pump. do it 2-3 times per week. really great for toning and shape changing, plus it burns about 600 cals an hour. i've been known to do a bit of zumba but got a bit bored with it recently. go to the gym every second night, and set the treadmill to a target of between 800 - 1000cals and set it to a high incline and basically do a mix of walking and running (mostly walking). if i've got time/energy after the treadmill i sometimes do 350-500 cals on the crosstrainer. have got a wii and dont really use it, though when i last had my niece and newphew to stay they brought the michael jackson dance thing, such a laugh and a good workout at the same time x

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