Whats your favourite flavour?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by lisaloooo, 29 December 2006 Social URL.

  1. lisaloooo

    lisaloooo Full Member

    I just tried chocolate for the first time and it was yummy :)

    What ones do you like, have only tried a few so far.
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  3. Miss-Piggy

    Miss-Piggy Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Bars or packs?
    My favourite pack is Banana (not the tetra - yuck!) I could happily have 3 bananas a day :p
    My favourite bar was peanut but I don't have them anymore as they really didn't agree with me :eek:
  4. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    My tastes change - at the moment I like tomato, oriental chilli, cheese and broccoli soups, banana or cappuchino shake hot, or choc mint made with hot mint tea, bars - caramel, orange or cranberry.
  5. cah-ching

    cah-ching Gold Member

    Ice cold cappuccino is my absolute favourite. I hated it before, but now I love it.
  6. punkass

    punkass Silver Member

    In order:

    1) Vanilla
    2) Chocolate
    3) Choc Mint
    4) Choc Tetra
    5) Spicy tomato

    Thats all i have.. every week.. hate the rest!!! And loathe the bars!
  7. islandgirl

    islandgirl Day 4 and still here

    Iced cappuccino it's so yummy
  8. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    hot choc mint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats what i have every morning without fail
  9. beentheredonethat

    beentheredonethat Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi Cah-ching

    Just wondering do you mix ice cubes with your cappucino when you make it up? I tried the cappuccino hot before and I threw up(sorry) after it.


  10. Bloss

    Bloss Member

    Snap!! I tried hot cappuccino yesterday morning, I was gagging drinking it, had to hold my nose and tipped the rest out. I didn't throw up tho but I would have if I'd forced it all down!
  11. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    Hot Toffee and Walnut mixed with Banana.

    Spicy Tomato with extra pepper
  12. Bloss

    Bloss Member

    I forgot to add my faves!

    I love Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate so far. Not tasted any of the soups yet but may try them next visit to the CDC.
  13. latinaprincess

    latinaprincess Trailer Trash

    The amazing Cambridge Diet!
    Chocolate Mint everytime.. mmm

    Worst? Banaanananananananan tetra!! Sick :eek:
  14. Bloss

    Bloss Member

    I love Banana Tetra :D am I the odd one then?? :)
  15. lisaloooo

    lisaloooo Full Member

    Nah I'm loving the banana too but the vanilla one makes me want to heave.
  16. Mrs Bean

    Mrs Bean Full Member

    My fave shake is choc mint and the worst is defo Banana tetra. Its far too thick and stodgy!

    My fave soup is chicken & mushroom.

  17. Nick

    Nick Need help

    Cambridge Diet/ Slimming World
    :confused: Well mine is chocolate Velvet and the chocolate and mint shake.:) The caramel bar is also a first choice.:D

    Nick :)
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  19. Mich

    Mich Taking Back Control...!!!

    chocolate mint is my fav.....either made up hot in my frothie maker (I couldnt do CD without it...it's the business!!) or made into a smoothie - ice cold with still bits of crushed ice in it (that actually reminds me of when I had them on my jollies this summer.....:cool: ).
  20. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Fav tetra : hot banana, sometimes with a spoonful of coffee

    Fav shake : Strawberry cos it's just like McDonald's!

    Fav soup : Oriental Chilli

    Fav Crisps : Chicken & mushroom

    Fav Bar : Cranberry! :cool:

    Fav Mousse : Toffee &Walnut
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