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Whats your favourite flavour?


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My tastes change - at the moment I like tomato, oriental chilli, cheese and broccoli soups, banana or cappuchino shake hot, or choc mint made with hot mint tea, bars - caramel, orange or cranberry.


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Ice cold cappuccino is my absolute favourite. I hated it before, but now I love it.


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In order:

1) Vanilla
2) Chocolate
3) Choc Mint
4) Choc Tetra
5) Spicy tomato

Thats all i have.. every week.. hate the rest!!! And loathe the bars!


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hot choc mint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats what i have every morning without fail


Originally Posted by beentheredonethat
Just wondering do you mix ice cubes with your cappucino when you make it up? I tried the cappuccino hot before and I threw up(sorry) after it.



Snap!! I tried hot cappuccino yesterday morning, I was gagging drinking it, had to hold my nose and tipped the rest out. I didn't throw up tho but I would have if I'd forced it all down!


I forgot to add my faves!

I love Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate so far. Not tasted any of the soups yet but may try them next visit to the CDC.


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:confused: Well mine is chocolate Velvet and the chocolate and mint shake.:) The caramel bar is also a first choice.:D

Nick :)


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chocolate mint is my fav.....either made up hot in my frothie maker (I couldnt do CD without it...it's the business!!) or made into a smoothie - ice cold with still bits of crushed ice in it (that actually reminds me of when I had them on my jollies this summer.....:cool: ).


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Fav tetra : hot banana, sometimes with a spoonful of coffee

Fav shake : Strawberry cos it's just like McDonald's!

Fav soup : Oriental Chilli

Fav Crisps : Chicken & mushroom

Fav Bar : Cranberry! :cool:

Fav Mousse : Toffee &Walnut