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Whats your favourite treat?


Nojo on the YoYo
my favourite syns are things like sauces, gravies, custards and whatnot.

if i've been amazingly good and managed to go a whole day completely syn free, AND i've had my dinner, I will have one 100ml scoop of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia froyo. 8 Syns.

I do what you do though and have extra HEXs. I'll save my HEXbs on a red day, make two huge burgers with turkey mince, have 2 Tesco 57g wholemeal buns AND my 227g of slimming world chips. And er, save a HEX of cheese slices to go on top! That to me is a really big treat!

Last week I also synned proper fish in dusted in flour and seasoning from the supermarket instead of making a low-syn version and had fish, chips and mushy peas on a green day and minused 6 syns from the fish.

I used lightly dusted river cobbler from Tesco, syn calculator worked it out as 11.5 syns for the whole piece on green.

So yeah, I will 'bulk up' my meals rather than eat crisps and chocolate, makes me feel like i'm not dieting at all!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Im the same as the Vixxster, apart from the occasional packet of Asda cheese curls 3.5 syns a pack, I would rather have things like some mayo, tomato sauce, gravy granules, boursin cheese as my syns rather than chocolate.
I wish I was like that i am the opposite I use my syns on silly things like biscuits and sweets and crisps instead of just eating MORE FREE FOOD!

realised this from looking through my food diary. I keep it in a wee notebook and not online coz tend to only be on every few days, plus coz I am doing it from home and never been to a class i sometimes just guesstimate (MAKE UP??) syns for somethings!!

defo gona try n change tho. dammit i want some frogurt now!! esp coz its half price in tesco at least I hope it still is it was a few days ago but didn't buy any! and i am going 2night so fingers crossed!!



Gold Member
This is where I struggle as I don't have gravy, sauces or anything like that, (boring I know!) but I never have. Some nights I find myself thinking I have 15 syns to go on...what?!!!??


Nojo on the YoYo
Girl, get yourself down to Tesco and get some of that Cherry Garcia then! if you have 15 spare syns just languishing around every night, for the love of ice cream, take advantage of the special offer and nom nom nom! :)

Ooooh cheese curls 3.5 syns? *throws out French Fries*


A moaning old boot!!!!
My treats are mini milks (1.5syns each) so you get lots in a day, or I have curly wurlys (6 syns). YUMMY!!!!!!


Extra Easy Apparently...!
I tend to use my syns for gravy, alpen light bar if I'm feeling peckish and a current favourite is a meringue nest with free fruit and 'cream' made from from frais or greek yogurt mixed with a sachet of Options. Mmm, heavenly!
Lisa I'm just like you, never normally plan or buy any specific syns - but this week I have gone right back to basics with red and green days AND gone and bought loads of stuff specifically as syns. For example...Doritos Limbos (3 syns) weight watchers chocolate biscuits (4.5 each), Snack-A-Jacks, (5 - 6 syns per 30g bag..the prawn ones are niiiice), chewing gum (often I'll just munch away on gum and forget about the syns, whoops) muller corners (yep, that's right, corners not lights - i know its controversial) and the ever popular curly wurly, which I have not eaten since I was a child, but hey ho, loads of folks on here do it and if eating a curly wurly is going to make me have a loss this week, then i'm not going to argue.
We'll see if this crazy little plan works. I've been doing SW for so long now and never done this before, but i'm willing to try anything once. Good luck with your syn munching. Enjoy!
I have mikado .5 each, Belgium choc meringue 1.5 each, those little chocolate cakes 3.5 each.

I like Ainsley Harriott stuff and some quorn stuff has syns (I'm veggie)


needs more willpower!
I'm a bit of a chocoholic so i tend to have a Penguin wafer bar in the evening when i'm slobbing out in front of the telly. They're only 4.5syns and they're yummmmy! I also love Mini milks (1.5syns) and mini chocolate Twisters (i think they're 2.5 syns) x
Asda have some Good For You cakes for 2 syns. They are banana and almond flavour.


Mad as a Hatter
wine, wine, wine and more wine

I know that you said you were not much of a drinker, so I will offer, at great expense to myself, to drink any spare syns that you may need to get rid of....

Seriously though, I don't have a sweet tooth, so chocolate etc is wasted on me... although I went to Thorntons today to get some chocs for my FIL's birthday tomorrow and they offered me a taster of an apricot praline....OMG - it was devine, but I think it was because it was in dark chocolate and wasn't at all sickly...

Sorry to hijack your thread, but the syns offer is still there... LOL

where do you get belgium merangies from?
Asda they are with the flan cases and stuff they come in a bucket they do strawberry for 1 syn.

I chop berries mix with vanilla danone and crush one - yummy eaton mess

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