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Whats your favourite & worst pack .....?


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The Chilli soup thing is absolutely gross, and the tomato. YUK
I love the hot choc, as it warms me up a treat
My favourite pack is chocolate with some coffee added. Yum!
My worst is lots of the soups (oriental chilli in particular) or the forest fruits shake.

I LOVE the bars as well!


I like the cappacino hot. In fact I drink all my shakes hot. Hubby takes all his cold out of the fridge ugh.

Favourite - like in a "you can only have one"? would have to be Choc mint

worst - toss up between banananananana, strawberry or cheese broc soup.

Sammi N

Anything but Regular
My fav shake is Butterscotch, fav soup Vegetable. I dislike cheese & broccolli, was well disappointed cos i love the real thing with pasta.
I love the peanut & cranberry bars but dislike the rest.

Its interesting to see how our tastes vary
LOL this is so funny, my favorite soup is Oriental Chilli, favorite pack is deffo Capuccino, not keen on the choc mint, didnt like the chicken and mushroom soup(bland), the poriddge made me gip(uugggh), and I know I wont ever like anyhting fruity like a banana shake or strawberry.
I am looking forward trying more soups had a try of hubby's leek and potato and that was nice. How funny how we are all different.
now alot of people dont like the porridge ,but i think its sooo yummy im gunna see if i can still buy it when i get to goal for my brekkie!
now alot of people dont like the porridge ,but i think its sooo yummy im gunna see if i can still buy it when i get to goal for my brekkie!
Hubby loves it totally!! I could taste the synthetic taste and the texture was just no good, I was very surprised not to like it tbh as porridge is my second favorite breakfast choice usually. what do you know heh?
My fave 'sweet' is the vanilla, I sprinkle a bit of one pack throughout the day into my mugs of black coffee.....my fave 'savoury' is the chicken and mushroom soup, I add lots of fresh thyme and parsley into it. I also love the oriental chilli (add fresh coriander) and the spicy tomato tho it is a bit gritty (I add fresh basil to that one) xxx
I hate all of the soups, leek and potato make me gag but my ultimate worst was the porridge :jelous: eeeeyy it was disgusting!!

I live on chocolate and chocolate mint now, tried fruits of the forest which was ok but only every now and again.
The worst for me I think was the cappucino <shudder> and the banana, altho the banana was nice with mixamousse. xxxx
I didn't like the porridge, or the soups, part from Vegatable which was just about okay.
I live off the shakes, blended with loads of ice, frozen tetras and bars for lunch at work. Fav shakes: Butterscotch, Cappachino and chocolate.
I would really love them to come up with a veggie version of the Mix-a-moose :-(
ohh, I LOVE the banana!! And the vanilla and the porrigde is YUM! Cn't bear the chocolate and although I loved the soups at first, I can't stand them now! xx


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Favourite has got to be hot Cappucino with an extra slug of coffee granules in it and a splenda sweetener :D:D:D

Worst has got to be Chicken & mushroom soup aka wallpaper paste with bits in :sign0137:........funnily enough though this flavour makes great "crisps" to chew on a bit :rolleyes::D
I cant stand the soups!!! they taste chemical to me! yuck!! i'll be living of shakes and tetras and soooo looking forward to the bars when im allowed them!! yum yum!! i remember craving a bar made into the cookies when i wasnt even doing the diet!!! :silly:


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My fave shake is cappuccino made with loads of ice - just liked an iced latte!! I hate all the soups - deeeeesgusting! My fave bars are choc & toffee.

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