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Whats your favourite.....

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!


Winning a losing battle!
Ok, I've been on CD for weeks now so my tastes have changed a lot in that time.

I currently live on choc mint shakes (hot) and peanut bars!!!

Very boring but it's all I can stomach now!


Silver Member
Love the porridge!!
Fave shakes are banana and vanilla (not hot though, they taste too salty)
And the peanut bars are GORGEOUS! x


Staying on plan!
i only have butterscotch shake, porridge and toffee bars lol


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Chicken and mushroom soup
Strawberry and vanilla shakes (even better when you mix half and half!)

Not a fan of the spicy tomato soup though.

Cannot wait to try out the bars :)


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Shake: Cappucino
Soup: Oriental chilli

I haven't tried the bars yet, will try them when my CDC comes back from holiday x


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Fave shake - vanilla with orange water flavouring and Mixamouse :drool:
Fave soup - Mushroom
Fave bar - all yummy but moreish and make me windy so I avoid them :ashamed0005:



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Banana tetra is my favourite x
love the apple and cin porridge.
fav shake - chocolate
fav soup - oriental chilli with loads of cayenne pepper, smoked paprika chilli flakes and pepper! (it blows my head off!)
fav bar - frozen malt toffee x x
Shake - Choc/choc mint (must be a mousse though
Bars - Peanut or Malt toffee (2 a day)
Porridge and soups Bleeeeeeeuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh!!
All of 'em
I think the longer you stay on, the narrower your tastes become


Needs to stop eating!!
Shake: At the moment...the choc one..Hot
Soup: Yuk they all taste foul
Bar: As above lol
I've gone off most of the shakes, but still like the chocolate tetra when frozen! I also find fruit of the forest and strawberry OK. I didn't have any fruit shakes the first few weeks and now they are the only ones I can stomach :)

My favourite bar is malt toffee.

I don't like the soups but eat Apple and Cinnamon porridge occasionally (I gagged when I first had it but now like it!).

My tastes have changed loads and I can't wait to move up the plans to get some food now! Only 2 more weeks or so.
My favourite shake is hot choc mint, its the only shake i get.

Soup - I love the veg soup, i love it more than the choc mint shake.

Bars - The orange bar is the nicest.

I mainly live on veg soup & choc mint, have ordered some orange bars this time though. Getting a couple of bars this time so that i can go out with the kids during the holidays without worrying about getting home for a shake.
I think it's amazing how our tastes can be so different. Last time I was on cd, the cdc had just started selling the porridge. She told me it was by FAR her best seller, people just couldn't get enough of it etc...

I was delighted at the idea of something that seemed like food so I bought loads of it!

I couldn't even swallow my first spoon:D
I found it vile altogether! So I marched back to her with them and she was delighted to see me as one of her porridge customers was due to her later and she wasn't going to have enough for them!

I really don't like the bars at all, obviously detest the porridge and cannot stomach the spicy tomato soup.

My favourites, I guess, would be the strawberry shake, the banana tetra, chocolate tetra and the veg soup.

Last time, I adored the mint choc and the spicy tomato but couldn't stomach them now!

Weird, eh!


Shut up Ethel
I don't like anything except chocolate shake, chocolate tetra and peanut crunch bars. My diet is somewhat monotonous at present.

But that's fine, its not food, its just fuel.

Porridge is RANK - if I wanted gruel, I'd go live in a Dickensian orphanage.
i like all of them!-ha!... :S

but my favies got to be vinilla,oriental chilli,penutbar.

The capaccino one's really good with coffee added in the morning. beats having black coffee all the time!
But i also very much like the porridge- it makes me feel cozy like im 3 again. haha.

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
I ahve just got some bars for this weel, the toffee, peanut and a cranberry! So we'll see!
I know tastes change as when I did lipotrim there was a time I could only manage the chicken soup, now even the thought of that chicken soup makes me feel queasy!

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