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What's your motivation?


I will succeed!!!
My weight gain was rapid - 3 stone in a year. Previous I was slim and active so my weight was something that had never been something I'd worried about. So when it piled on so quickly it knocked me for six. It caused me to comfort eat and slip into denial which added the last few killer lbs. It took a while to admit to self I needed help shifting it (I'd assumed once I was off the meds it'd fall off - wrong!).

But what kicked me the hardest to move was when I got engaged a few months ago - it made me sit back and realise that my OH loved me to bits so I ought to aswell, and I had to make the changes I wanted.

But I know what you mean - it's hard sometimes. Been a hard week for me too :)



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hiya Edwin,
none of those things motivated me- it was my kids that did it oh and myself, ive only taken my kids swimming once and thats due to the fact that im so embarrased to be seen in a swimming costume!!!! we have never been abroad as a family( beauise iwas too emabarrased to wear the skimpy stuff abroad that people do!!! and all of this will affect my children whom are 7 and 5! also ive never felt comfortable with my body for aslong as i rememeber and it would be lovely to wake up in the morning and feel comfy in my own skin... people always say to me- your not FAT laura, you look ok- but when i weighed in m first week at sw world at 17st 2.5lbs the shock of my weight suddenly made me determined!!( and made me doubt that my friends were actually truthfull) theirs days when i think stuff it ill just eat what i want like you are- just depends how much you want it
because to me
BEING SLIM is better than any bar of chocolate
good luck on your journey
laura xxx
I think for me, it was realising that i was a mess, emotionally, physically, my relationships, my friendships it all.. and i found taking controll of my weight was the first step. Controlling that meant i had put aside time for me. and i slowly figured it out over time and have completely changed every aspect of my life.. and it has only served me well. Im a better person, healthier mentally and physically, with wonderful relationships with my family, better friendships with my friends and i have a lovley OH, and have finally got my life on track. because when it came down to it, it was a vicious cycle, i didnt like myself, so i didnt respect myself, i didnt care about my actions, which subsequently hurt other people who i loved around me.

It wasnt holidays or clothes for me. Although my target was to always fit ina 12, but everytime i was complemented on how i looked and ow well i was doing, it just motivated me more to get to where i wanna be.

For me I blamed my weight for everything - not going out, not dating etc and knew if I didn't stop I would end up leading a very lonely life and being old before my time (I am 45 already) !
I want to feel confident and sexy when I go out and not feel like "The fat one" all the time and as my weight has gone down my confidence has gone up.
There is a danger of becoming complacent and I think you have to be aware of that (well I do), but I am determined to get to target and then next step is a tummy tuck and new boobs - I may be 45 but I will have the boobs of a 20 yr old lol


Slow but sure....
My motivation is my health and poor mobility - I would really love to have a better quality of life, and that keep's me focused on my dieting every day.

Plus I have had low self esteem for so long now that it will be wonderful to be able to hold my head up and find a bit of self confidence again.

To keep me motivated this forum is excellent, I am a naturally chatty person anyway, but the posts and the people on here really help me to keep going, so thank you to everyone for that. X


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Yes for me it's a healthy old age! I don't want to turn diabetic, or have heart probs or a stroke. I see enough of it at work! But I also am fed up of feeling cr*p in hot weather, and I want sexy underwear (even at my age, not that anyone will see it!) and I want to be able to go into a shop and just pick out something I think I will look nice in. Not get something because it fits!
For me it's not the holidays or clothes, they are the superficial finishing touches, I just want to like myself. Pure and simple. I have loathed myself for such a long time for being fat, greedy, unhelathy, unfit and unworthy of anything that something had to change. Overweight people always have this reputation of being the jolly one in the group, but if only the others new the pain that was inside I think they would be so suprised. Its like living a great big lie always similing, jolly and up for a laugh and I want to be all those things but on my terms not because they are a screen to hide behind. So, happy life here I come.


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Thanks for all the replies guys - there is some real inspiration in this thread and that's something I definitely need right now. I'm not motivated by clothes, holidays etc - yes they are nice but it is the health and confidence side of losing weight that I crave. I just seem to have lost sight of it all really.
I dont really know. Started with a friend nearly 3 weeks ago, but I didn't really want to go, but now I have started I am determined to get the weight off. I ahve about 5 stone to loose....gonna be a loooong journey.

I am so tired of being the "fat friend" that everyone likes, but I never get guys interested in me, always my friends....I can never get any clothes that look good on me, and I can't afford to buy a whole new wardrobe full of bigger clothes, when I don't want to be bigger. I want to fit into my OLD wardrobe!!

I think the proper jump start for me was when I noticed the amount of stretch marks on my belly and on my ARMS!!! ARGH! I am only 23, have not had kids, and this is meant to be the time when my body is meant to look the best! Not the most horrific!!! :(

Really would love to change my diet for the better, so I feel better, and et the weight off to boost my confidence! :D
Oh, and also, I have been looking for a job working as a nanny, and I have felt in most of the interviews, that they ask me about nutritional cooking for the children, and I feel like such a hypocrite sat there saying I know how to cook well, when I am the size of a house! It deff affects my confidence in these sorts of interviews. No luck as of yet! :(


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My motivation is my health and poor mobility - I would really love to have a better quality of life, and that keep's me focused on my dieting every day.

Plus I have had low self esteem for so long now that it will be wonderful to be able to hold my head up and find a bit of self confidence again.

To keep me motivated this forum is excellent, I am a naturally chatty person anyway, but the posts and the people on here really help me to keep going, so thank you to everyone for that. X
That could have been written by me. Ive always struggled with my weight but I used to control it by exercise. 10 yrs ago I got glandular fever and then ME. Suddenley I was bed or house bound and exercise was a no go. I couldnt even stand long enough to cook so food was instant ready meals eaten from the pack. 10yrs and 6 stone later I really need and want my life back. Im improving health wise and Im doing more and more in my daily life but the ache and pains of being over weight is holding me back. The lack of self confidence and feeling huge and ugly is not helping either.

I started SW so determined to do well and after 2 weigh ins Ive lost 2 weeks on the row which is unusual for me. Saying that last night I had a complete blip and today Im struggling to get back on track.
Typing out my motivation like that has helped tremendously. Im now working out my HE A and B and working my tea round them rather than thinking oh stuff it lol.
Thanks for the thread:)
What a great thread and it helps to realise you are not the only one to feel the way you do. For me its about confidence and health. We have a little boy who is three and someone mentioned I have NEVER taken him swimming because I don't want everyone to stare at me in the pool. The logical side of me tells me they wont but when it comes to my size logic goes out the window.

Since having my son I priortise everything above me and even only two weeks in I now realise that a happier me means a happier family.

Good luck to all on their journey xx
Its was a picture my friend had taken of his son but I was in it yukkkkkkkkk, (I didn't have time to breath in and the muffin maker would have been proud of the muffin-top). It was the kick up the R's I needed I've been in denial for too long!


Trying again!!!
Great thread ~ for me it's my health and confidence. I have had Crohn's disease for 26 years and as I get older it is getting worse. Starting on SW has made me more aware of what I am eating and with eating more healthier it is definitely helping my condition, I have more energy and less symptoms associated with my illness. As well as this I know losing weight will make more confident ~ I have a very low self-esteem ~ I tend to shy away from a lot of situations and events whereas when I was thinner I was the life and soul!

Don't get me wrong it will also be nice to go on holidays and wear lovely clothes and look good but it's my health and confidence improving that I'm looking forward to the most.
My motivation is a combination of things, to be thin, to be fit and healthy and to feel good about myself and not be "the fat one" anymore. I've NEVER been thin my whole adolescent and adult life, sure I was like a size 14 when I was 11 years old, and the first weight I remember being is about 10 stone, I was only 5 ft or something at the time probably. My Primary school teacher called me Fatty when i couldn't get my chair in enough for him to get past as my legs wouldn't fit under the desk thinking it may have also been my legs were too long though, which I told him at the time, but that hurt). I want to know what it's like to be able to go in any fashion store and buy something that FITS and not have to look for the plus size section or get "flattering" cuts of tops or dresses.
I want to be able to run for the train without being so out of breath I can't talk afterwards.
I want to do sports and not feel self conscious about wobbling bits or being too unfit to keep up.
I want to be able to keep up with OH when we go out for walks.
I want to ride a bike.
I want to be thin for our Christmas do this year so I can wear a stunning dress!
I want to do a charity run when I'm around target, something I'd never have contemplated before.

Not much then!

I feel I'm in the right mindset now though, I can refuse unhealthy snacks (and there IS temptation, we won a years worth of Cadbury's Heroes at work! a wall of my managers office is filled with them! I haven't eaten one!) I know if I have one I'll want more so I just think that I'd be sabotaging my own weightloss so don't do it.

All in all I want to be confident, healthy and full of energy :D


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Im motivated by a few different things really. I would like to get fitter so that i can play sport next year without feeling like a wally. I also want to appeal more to the ladies on nights out lol also i want to be able to go on hols and be confident around the pool etc. There mainly the things that motivate me, i know i should really want to lose weight for me and not for other people, but hey as long as i get thin who cares lol
the point is, I am SLOWLY turning this ship around, and there are definitely times (be it a moment of weakness or a month or even more of over-synning) when it's not happening, but if you look inside yourself and at your attitudes and habits I bet you'll discover that you've already made so many positive, lasting changes, have already lost weight, and have discovered how it feels to feel good about yourself!
Just quoting this because it's so true and bears repeating, especially for anyone with a lot of weight to lose and a long journey ahead of them.

It's very easy to lose sight of the big picture - to get too caught up in weekly weight losses/gains, putting too much pressure on yourself to lose X amount by X date, with the result that your mind and body decide they need a break. That's when the motivation that previously carried you along so strongly suddenly disappears and you find yourself flailing around for inspiration, wondering what on earth has gone wrong.

This is when you need to follow the advice Kristin posted above - look back to where you've come from, and realise that you've been making permanent, positive changes along the way, and have already lost weight. Give yourself a break! It's just your mind/body taking a breather to catch up with the changes. The 'click' will happen when it's ready to happen, and you will find the motivation appears again as if by magic. In the meantime, at least enjoy your food - don't berate yourself with guilt and worry about it. Realise that you're just on a meandering stretch of a journey; the road isn't always going to be straight.
I wanted to reduce my blood-pressure and stop taking some of my meds (already some success with that aspect), I also wanted to stop having fat ankles full of fluid (done) and I wanted to look nice for my lovely boyfriend.


Starting Again!
1. Curiosity - I have never been the correct weight for my height - always been "obese" since I can remember; 6 or 7 years old. And I have no idea what that looks or feels like; then again this could be the reason why I always sabotage myself after 6-8 weeks! I'm into week 11 as of today and looking forward!

2. To have an operation on my knee that might ease my disability slightly

3. To buy clothes out a normal shop, not just SimplyBe online, late at night with the lights off. Or looking in the mens section for so many X's it should have an 18 certificate! I would love to see a top and go ooh I like that and not being disappointed they only go up to a 22 (I'm a 26), they day I say "oo I think this one is too big, have they got a smaller size?" I think I might break down and cry!

4. To prevent getting diabetes (like my Mum and Dad), high blood pressure, high colestarol etc., etc.

I too have always been the fat friend, first to make jokes about my weight/size to stop others getting there first and taking the sting out of their remarks.

The one thing that does worry me slightly is that being fat in this looks and size obsessed society is that I know the friends I have, the partners I've had; liked me for me and not the exterior. There is no way they could of gone out with me/been my friend for my looks or "sex appeal". I know they were genuine, so when I hit target I have a fear that I people might become interested in me for the wrong reasons and I have no way of telling - but I am willing to face my fear and lose weight for me. The few friends I've got are real, true friends who support me whatever I do.

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