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Whats your Top 5 SW meals / Food?

Hi all, was just thinking today about how great SW is (positive head on) and what my favourites were, and thought i would ask you too. :)

Mine are:-

1. SW Scotch Eggs
2. Chicken Dansak
3. Chunky Sausage and Chicken one pot
4. Omlette, SW chips and Beans
5. Roast Dinners!

I have loads more favourites, but these are the main ones.

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1. mixed bean chilli
2. spaghetti carbonara
3. butternut squash and spinach risotto
4. jacket potato with beans and cheese (comfort food - I love it!!)
5. veggie pasta bake

I only do green days and these have to be my top 5 :)


Not evil at all
Just 5?! Oh man!

1. Steak with SW chips, corn on the cob and prawn skewers, with veggies.
2. Any kind of risotto
3. Pork chops, mashed swede, green beans and carrots.
4. Chicken stuffed with mozarella, wrapped in bacon with veggies and creamy mushroom sauce
5. Baked potatoes with chicken, bacon, sweetcorn and extra light mayo

I could easily up this list to 20 meals lol :)
I have not been too adventurous so far .. but I love -

1- Chicken Sofrita ( from the origanal plan recipe book ) , its easy to make and I freeze loads and have with pasta , or chips or jacket spud ...
2- SW Spanish ommlette with SW chips and beans :)
3- Chilli from the EE cook book
4- Butternut Squash and bacon risotto from EE cook book
5- Weight watchers chips with sweet potato mash and veg or beans :)


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SW chicken tikka
chilli con carne
fry up (with fry light)
SW quiche, SW chips & salad
chicken, bacon & cheese grills (home made) on a bed of stir fry veg.


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Mine are;

Sw beef chilli with rice/jacket and some cheese
Sw mushy pea curry with rice/sw chips
Roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings
Homemade beef burgers, coleslaw, corn, sw chips
sw hunters chicken with coleslaw, jacket, and salad

im hungry now after reading all of those! XX

Mrs V

Loves Life!
There are too many for me to choose from, but ....

Smash pizza
Syn free lamb burgers/ beef burgers
Good old roast with everything on an EE day!
Asda chickpea dhal with Batchelors mild curry rice - delicous!
oohhh after thinking a while I will settle for :-
  1. SW coq au vin -from "world of flavours"
  2. Indian curried pork patties (I think from the EE book)-with home made wedges and coleslaw
  3. SW lamb hot pot -heck its good
  4. jacket potato with cottage cheese and salad
  5. roast dinner with Home made yorkshire pud
ooh good thread!

1) Spaggetti and Meatballs from ee
2) Lamb koftas with bakedbeans and pitta bread
3) Lasagna (ee cookbook) with salad
4) Sw Tikka Masala
5) Syn free pancake and fruit for brekky!



Will be thin god dammit!!
Just the 5????

1. Sw quiche with SW chips and beans
2. Homemade burgers with bacon and cheese
3. Slow roast BBQ pork
4. SW chips with melted cheese, bacon and mushrooms
5. KFC chicken the SW way!
1) Sausage and potato frittata
2) Spaghetti bolognaise
3) Jacket potato with beans and cheese
4) Full English breakfast :) made with frylight of course!
5) Steak and SW chips!
Fab thread, is there a recipe anywhere for the SW scotch eggs?

Mine are..

1. Baked potato with Batchelors pasta n sauce
2. SW Quiche and SW chips
3. Risotto of any kind
4. Jacket potato tuna and cheese with a huge salad!
5. Spaghetti bolognaise.


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1 Syn Free in Sweet Chilli with Rice/Jacket potato
2 Asda Syn Free Chick Pea Dhal with Savory Rice
3 Qorn Meatballs in a Syn Free Tomato Sauce with Spaghetti
4 SW Chips Egg and Beans
5 SW Quiche with Boiled Baby Potatos and Beans.

Loads more though yum yum
oohhh after thinking a while I will settle for :-
  1. Indian curried pork patties (I think from the EE book)-with home made wedges and coleslaw
Any chance you could post the recipe for these - they sound yummy!!!

Some of my fav's are:

Cottage pie topped with Carrot & Swede (we call this mummy pie at our house!! lol)
Prawn & Courgette Curry
Steak with SW wedges & salad
SW Ice Cream

But then theres the Asda Chick Pea Dhal that I could happily eat for breakfast, lunch & Dinner, lol


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1) SW chips with a tin of ravioli and sweetcorn
2) Spag bol
3) Lemon and parsley mackerell with salad and beetroot
4) SW chips, homemade burgers with a side of mushrooms/onions/peppers, HEXA cheese and extra low fat mayo.
5) Shepherds pie
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Any chance you could post the recipe for these - they sound yummy!!!
ok I lied -they were in the "simply summer" book.. here you go:-

Indian curried pork patties
serves 4
free on EE and Original
14syns on green
  1. 1 red chilli -de-seeded and chopped
  2. 4 spring onions -finely slices
  3. 2 garlic cloves -crushed
  4. 2lb extra lean minced pork
  5. 2tsp ground cumin
  6. 2tsp ground coriander
  7. 3tbsp fresh chopped coriander (I omit this)
  8. 1tsp ground ginger
  9. 2oz natural yogurt
  10. grated zest 1 lime (I omit this too)
  11. salt and cracked black pepper
  12. low cal cooking spray (I omit this too :p)
  • squish it all together until well mixed
  • chill for at least 30mins
  • shape into 8 patties (I chill them again at this point to make them less likely to break)
  • spray the burgers and place under a grill for 5-6mins on each side -or until cooked
I ignore the spray and drop mine into a hot non-stick pan and seal each side and then bake in a moderate oven until cooked through ;)
They are gorgeous (even cold) and I now add 2tbs of natural yogurt to any burger I make -it keeps them really moist

Hope you enjoy them
SW Scotch Eggs

Take skin off 2 Low/free syn sausages.

Wrap/mould around a hard boiled egg.
Roll in cous cous (controvesial but this is how i do it). Or use a HEB of breadcrumbs.

Cook for 20 minutes.

voila - yum!


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Right here goes Top 5

1. Chilli, Tomato and Prawn Linguine (recipe of Minimins)
2. Beef Curry Stuffed Peppers with Rice
3. Chicken Curry and Rice (recipe from SW favourites Cook Book tried loads of curries but this is the most tastes and nearest to an Indian).
4. Bacon, Cheese, Onion, Mushroom, Spinach and Tomato Omelette
5. SW Fry Up, Bacon, Low or 0 syn sausages, Mushrooms, Dry Fried Egg, Tomatoes, Beans, Fried Tin New Potatoes

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