What's your 'wow' moment going to be?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by toller-girl, 3 May 2008 Social URL.

  1. toller-girl

    toller-girl constantly confused

    I had a previous 'omg this is really working' moment which was a blue skirt I used to wear to work. I couldn't get into it at all, and I tried it on regularly to see how I was doing.

    I started off not being able to pull it over my thighs, then I could pull it on and not do it up. Then I could do it up but not walk, and las time it fit perfectly. Haven't tried it on again for a few weeks, it's probably too big now! :D

    My next challenge is my old favourite jeans. At the start, I couldn't get them over my knees! Now I can fasten them, but couldn't wear them out (unless I didn't want to breathe) and I'm looking forward to being able to do them up comfortably.

    Have you got anything in your wardrobe that you're aiming for?
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  3. lola123

    lola123 Silver Member

    Its getting told from friends that I look 20, even though Im 40, its shocked a lot of my friends
  4. Delli

    Delli Talks too much

    it will probably come one day when my stomach stays flat even after i breathe out!!
  5. Corey

    Corey longs to be average!

    I have just got into a suit that I hadn't worn since 1999. Wore that to work on Thursday and to the election count. I have another suit that the last time I wore it was as I was increasing in size - it's got a pair of 34" trousers - would love to be in that suit (or a new one, but same size) for my niece's wedding at the end of June. i am hoping for quiet a few "Wow!" moments from family that hasn't seen me for a while at the wedding!!
  6. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    A great WOW moment for me was standing up from the bathtub effortlessly. Also bath realted was noticing my body was under water and there was water on both sides of me - no more damn!! :D

    Big WOW factor coming up on my trip back to home to see the family. :)
  7. toller-girl

    toller-girl constantly confused

    I'm soooo looking forward to my first family moment!

    Got my uncles civil partnership in August, can't wait! :D :D :D

    That's the advantage of living 300 miles away from everyone :rolleyes:
  8. ladylite

    ladylite Gold Member

    I cant wait for my holiday in Egypt, Nov. To be able to sit on the beach without being embarrassed and seeing the plane tray come down easily;).
  9. Tange

    Tange Silver Member

    I have a pair of jeans that is a 14 that I cannot wait to get into. I can get them up over my hips but they no where near fasten yet, that will be a WOW for me.
    I did have a moment yesterday when I realised that my 'new' jeans are now baggy around the middle. This hour glass figure is a pain sometimes my legs only catch up way after my waist has become a 14.
  10. Donnalou86

    Donnalou86 Striving for slimness

    I bought a gorgeous pair of levi jeans in a 34'' waist (non stretch denim) from ebay, Ive been gradually doing the same thing as you TG. Keep trying them now, now I can get them up but not fastened. My measurements said my waist is 33" but think they sit on my hips rather than waist and thats why cant fasten them. The day I wear them will be amazing. Also when I got to America in Nov. I'm going to buy a sexy cocktail style dress to wear for dinner one night. Don't think Ive worn a dress since I was about 10 or 11 years old!
  11. gazz

    gazz Full Member

    My best wow was this week with the size 34 inch Jeans, but another was .... In 1998 I bought a polo shirt from Virgin Megastore in Times Square, it never fitted me. I now wear it to work and has a quiet chuckle to myself :) The best wow's have to be when you bump into someone you haven't seen in a while and the comments you get, they certainly keep me going. I hope to crack over 6 stone on tomorrows WI and that will be one huge milestone for me.
  12. jeannie1066

    jeannie1066 Full Member

    I want to be wearing a lovely pair of white trousers to my sisters engagement party at end of June with strappy heels, oh yeah and a sexy top!!
  13. mrspnut

    mrspnut Full Member

    I want to be wearing a pretty dress on holiday at the end of june when I have my first bit of real food. Grilled fish will taste so much better under the sun in the south of france. :D
  14. Kitteh

    Kitteh Resident geek

    I went into asda and bought a tshirt.. like.. not just a plain one.. but this pretty stripey one.. and it fit..
    i was chuffed.. albeit it was a size 22.. but still.. thats 2 sizes less than what i was.. and being able to shop in any other shop than evans..

    x x x
  15. I think my wow factor will be when the scales show single figures. I've also got a vintage yellow 1950s prom dress which is a size 10 but absolutely tiny - if I ever get into that I think I'll faint!!
  16. bexnkev

    bexnkev Silver Member

    I've had so many wow factors already!! When I put my old trousers on and they fell down round my ankles!! My next wow factor will be to get in to a size 18!! Not been able to do that for sooo looonnnggg! I'm now a size 20 so not too long to go... yippee! :D

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