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When did you start to show?

I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my second and am currently a size 22/24. But rather than looking fat, I look 7 months pregnant.

I know most people say that the larger you are the later your pregnancy will show and although I did find that true for baby number one (I was a size 18) this time it's not the case. I think my baby bump is pushing out the fat on my tummy so I'm showing sooner!! If that makes any sense?

When did you start to show? First, second, third or more!

Hayley xx
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I actually started showing very early and it was obvious from about 10 weeks, people kept saying I looked about 5 months or so. But then my bump really slowed and became quite small until the last 6 weeks when it exploded :)
i think mine showed from about 10 weeks also...it was becoming very hard to hide it from ppl!! i was a size 14/16 xx


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I'm a size 14/16 top 16/18 bottoms and I was showing at around 10 weeks too.....although I'm now 24w 3d people ask me when I'm due.....not long then they say!!!! I have a very big bump, bigger than my first but I'm carrying better this time.x


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I was a size 16 when I got pregnant this time, we didn't tell people until I as 15 weeks and no-one had guessed, I am 13lbs lighter now than when I was pre-pregnancy so most of my clothes are loose, I have a noticeable bump but only in certain clothes. I am carrying high this time which is very unusual for me, I usually carry very low and look like I have a inflatable ring around my hips :mad:
This is my 5th baby so expect to have a large bump as all the muscles in my tum went a long time ago. So even though I have a bump I am still in my pre pregnancy clothes and I don't think you could tell I was pregnant just by looking at me, unless I was naked of course :) Oh and I am 18 weeks now ;)


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first time roughly about 14 weeks?

this time round about 9/10 weeks ~ i feel, like you, it was because baby was pushing my chubby bits out in the shape of a baby bump though ;) i was overweight this time (size 14, but im only 5'1, also think you show sooner if you are shorter than average)
I was/am a size 16-18. I was trying on a new swimsuit last week (I was 10+3 at the time) and felt that I looked about 6 months pregnant. It's just fat and bloat in my opinion though! :)

sukie sue

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hi there
i was a size 20-22 with my daughter and people though i was 6 months at 6 weeks but realistically it was after 16-18 weeks when i looked properly pregnant.
this time i was a 12-14 and stated having a bump at 10 weeks , probabbly bloating though, im 24+1 right now and my bump is massive in comparrison to my body and i look much farther on but its all out front ..... and heavy :)


She's me in a few months
I'm 16 weeks and look very pregnant! Her'es a pic at 15+4

I'm a size 20/22
Great Bump ;) is it your first?


She's me in a few months
No it's my second, plus I'm starting about 3stone heavier than with my first so that's why I think I'm showing much earlier. I look about 6 months!

I'm actually in a bit of a panic, I've put on nearly a stone, the scales are almost at the 17 stone mark, I was 16st 2 when I started, I need help!!! I have PCOS and was told to stop the metformin which isn't helping.
Can your Midwife refer you to a dietitian to give you some pointers? My sis has PCOS and I know there are certain foods to avoid etc but as you say having to stop the medication isn't going to help :sigh: You don't look 'fat' though I have to say it looks all bump, how heavy was your first?


She's me in a few months
Aww thanks. The good thing is all y weight is on my belly so I've actually come down to a size 16 in maternity bottoms cos they leave extra room, I need regular size 20's to accommodate my stomach so my trousers are always baggy on my legs and bum. I spoke to the midwife early on and she said she would refer me but so far nothing, however I've got an appt on Tues so I'll speak to her then. Going to start aqua natal on Fri and I've been walking my son to school everyday, I dread to think what my weight gain would have been otherwise!

My first was 6lb 12 but he was born 4 weeks early, so I think they're expecting a big baby this time. So far baby is bang on what it should be but it's a bit later they tend to get big.

I've been avoiding this place like the plague, think it's time I started making frequent visits, just been shopping and bought healthy food. Diet starts tomorrow!
Awww good luck, I have found this place great for keeping myself motivated cos its doubly hard when you are pregnant, its great that you are keeping active aswell as that really helps, take care Jo

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