When did you stop thinking about food?


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I have just finished day 1 and so far its not going too bad although I know it will get harder before it gets easier.

Just wondered at what point you got to when you stopped thinking about food.

I managed to deal with my daughters left over and cook my OHs dinner without picking but the temptation was most definately there.
Once you get in to ketosis it makes things much easier, I have watched my boyfriend eat fish and chips and sat in the Bluewater food court without too much hassle. And at work I watch my class eat a full school meal and pudding everyday and i've managed not to grab the food from them yet! I think there is always a little craving, but it gets less and less as time goes on! Just keep going, you'll feel tons better in a few days.
Thanks for that.

I feel better today than normal already as dont have the horrible heavy bloated stomach feeling like I would normally :)
In my case, I NEVER stopped thinking entirely about food. However, I stopped OBSESSING about it and that's the difference.

It no longer bothered me that the family were having a McDonalds or a KFC and I wasn't ... it didn't bother me that they were having ice-cream at the funfair whilst I sipped a bottle of water: I simply didn't feel I was missing out on anything.

I've been on a break for a couple of weeks and feel so sh*t that, quite honestly, I can't wait to get back to some serious SSing. The feeling of being 'clean', detoxed and full of energy is better than ANY food. It's just a matter of slipping into ketosis and settling into a routine. When you're eating is out of control (like mine has been lately), you can't imagine SSIng but when you've been SSIng for a while, you can't imagine NOT SSing - it's really strange!!

It's early days for you but if you stick with it, you'll soon see it as a way of life and it just gets easier and easier. :)
Once ketosis kicked in I can honestly say I am never actually hungry on this diet. In fact the whole not eating is a bit of a relief. Not having to think about what to eat or not to eat. I love it. Occassionally I will think about food, and as I mention in my diary thread, I have turned into a bit of a food sniffer ! But I haven't given in. I love this weight loss too much. Hope you are doing ok !
I don't exactly remember when it I happened, but I think it was a few days into ketosis.

I remember thinking "wow...this must be how normal people are!"

No hunger...no cravings (though I did still have them on and off...but not like before)....easily satisfied.

It was like I was in a whole new body:cool:
I too was like Debbie (Russiandoll) and NEVER ever completely stopped thinking about food. But I didn't want any, if you see what I mean. I could easily sit with people who were eating, pass them in the street etc. I think the whole ketosis thing really helped, as has been said before! The first few days are the hardest and after that it was fairly plain sailing (if you stick to it 100%).