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When diets go wrong


Call me Linzi...
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Aaaargh!! Is anyone watching this?

Just had a girl on who said Atkins was a disaster... she spoke of eating 8 rashers of bacon & 3 sausages for breakfast, chicken wrapped in bacon for lunch, dinner was just more meat!!

What would you say to that Jim!!

She wasn't doing Atkins, there was no veg & I thought bacon & sausages were limited b'coz of sodiums & carbs....

It does annoy me when they produce these programmes & don't portray things probably!!
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is going to loose!
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Obviously she did do her research before she started!

I must admit Linz, I sometimes forget about making my vege allowance. Am aim to improve over the next few days.



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Sausages and bacon are limited??? I have my carbs.. I need them! But having eaten what I have today I feel like I'm nothing but salt! Is that a dangerous thing?


is going to loose!
S: 83kg C: 80.8kg G: 72kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.2kg(2.68%)
Have you stuck to the 20g Penny?


Strong women stay slim
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I just watched that , they really slagged off all diets barring SW and WW , its all down to the person at the end of the day after all it was picking all the negatives and no good stories so I can say that we are all have our own view . We hear good stories here, and also bad ...


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S: 13st13lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 1st5lb(9.74%)
Yeah ~ I try to have 15g of my carb in veggies. And when I have sausages I buy the low carb ones (thanks Jim). I also only have two at a time. Today, however, I am going to have chicken as I feel I've over done my salt intake: nb I never add salt to anything, so I really notice the difference!


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What would you say to that Jim!!
I'm glad I wasn't watching linz, I'd no doubt have burst a blood vessel.

I get so sad when i read things like this, people who don't do the research and then slag Atkins and low carb off. When it comes to the crunch we know it works.


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I'm so fed up with programmes like this and magazines that give the Atkins a bad reputation.

Im eating more veg and salad now than I ever did on other diets because I am substituting potatoes with green veggies.

People just automatically assume we have 3 fry ups a days with copious amounts of burgers and cheese. Well you can see from the "what we are eating" thread that, that is most definately not the case.

I was told just last week by a chef that the Atkins was bad for you. When challenged he couldnt explain to me why.

I asked him if he considered a chicken salad and pork chop with mushrooms and broccoli as unhealthy.


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I only tuned in about half way through but would have bet a pound to the penny that there would be some sort of "I ATE NOTHING BUT BACON FOR A MONTH AND GOT SICK" knee jerk rubbish going on, as it was very focused on the issues with "fad diets". The one that got me was "after the fad diet you'll just put all the weight back on" what utter rubbish. Even hubby was shouting "Bullsh**" at the TV.

But as I've said before you can't have a programme called "when diets go wrong" and have someone like say Jim on going "no Atkins is fab, no problem really. Yes you eat veggies" because it wouldn't fit with the programme.

Its like "neighbours from hell" going "actually, he's alright, has a party couple of times a year but beyond that mows his grass, tends to elderly neighbours. Not a bad lad"

I would however, if you felt so inclined, encourage you to complain to the BBC about the lack of research and poor choices chosen. You might get a standard reply back but feel free to complain!


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Ohhh it drives me insane when people do stuff like this! Obviously she has no idea what she is doing!

I get it all the time, my son has Tourette's sydrome, and the amount of people who say "But he doesn't swear" is amazing, swearing is actually very rare in Tourettes sufferers, i have even had people say...maybe he got misdiagnosed!

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