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  1. Sweetpotato

    Sweetpotato New Member

    Hi! I'm new here so I hope you don't mind me asking a few things!

    I have PCOS and my BMI is 27.4 I've tried diets like Special K etc and found I lost no weight and the. I read that the Atkins diet is perfect for people with PCOS.

    Today was my first day on atkins, I read the following of foods that were acceptable for induction from their website and no limit on protein
    So today I've had;

    2 plain chicken breast
    4 rashers of bacon
    3 fried eggs
    2 ounces of cheese
    500g cucumber

    Looking at their website I've had around 11.4 net carbs, 135.6g protein, 65.1g fat and 1200 calories.

    I thought I had done good until when I read further your fat should account for 65% and protein only 35% and for every pound I weigh I should aim for half that in fat so around 89g

    Am I doing this right? I feel like I'm not!

    Thank you I'm advance for your replies
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  3. Sweetpotato

    Sweetpotato New Member


    Me again!

    I weighed myself yesterday and today I've put on 3 pounds!!! I don't understand please help me!

    I'm following this to the letter from everything I've read, is this normal? :(
  4. kirstyb393

    kirstyb393 Full Member

    You really need to have more green leafy veggies and make sure you are drinking your water and fat should be the biggest macro followed by protien

    Also don't weigh yourself daily give it the full week
  5. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Sweetpotato - have you read the book, and all the stickies here? In particular, Jim's sticky, So you're thinking of starting Atkins.

    And as Kirsty says, you need more leafy greens - and definitely no weighing until the end of week 1.
  6. Jonsgirl80

    Jonsgirl80 Silver Member

    Weight fluctuates wildly throughout the week so step away from those scales until official weigh in day! Definitely don't weigh every day - you will drive yourself crazy. Trust me, I know because I have been there and it nearly made me give up at one point.

    And yes - much more green veg needed.
  7. Sweetpotato

    Sweetpotato New Member

    Thank you for all of your replies. Have upped the veg intake and I think perhaps I may cut back in the cheese.

    Didn't see your message until I had been on the wii again tonight and I've gained another 2 pound! 5 pound in two days. Will stay off for now.

    I'm going to give it until next week and make a decision because I don't want to get fatter :(
  8. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    Are you drinking lots of water
  9. Sweetpotato

    Sweetpotato New Member


    Yes before this I only drink water anyway and always drink around 2-3 litres per day.

    I've now lost the 5 pound I've gained so I'm back on an even keel just hoping now for an actual loss!

    Also I'm quite enjoying this diet, i actually feel better in myself and have more energy :)

    Thank you to those who replied :)
  10. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hi sweet potato, glad you are back on even keel. Atkins is not a linear diet - weight can fluctuate but should trend down most weeks. Also not fast because you are actually eating and retraining body.

    Generally if you stick to it over time you will lose - many people give up and/or cant resist the treats (see sticky about cheating - it doesnt work like other diets)

    So go clean & green - fresh meat, veggies etc. enjoy fat but dont over do the cheese. Avoid bars and shakes like the plague! Good luck
  11. FatGirlSlim85

    FatGirlSlim85 Full Member

    Hi Kat1e, with regards to your last post there about avoiding the shakes.... i thought it was just the bars you should stay clear from and that the shakes were 'honest' in the fact that it says they have 3g carbs on the front and upon looking at the back it still says 3g? I have one every day for breakfast...should i stop? xx
  12. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Ok that's fair - the bars stall most people so avoid. Personally i think the shakes keep people attached to sweet flavours and are addictive - havent proof of stalling so you have to take your choice. Also i'm really a primal fan - try and avoid as much processed food as possible and feed your body real food - it works:)
  13. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    I know the shakes are convenient, but I agree with Katie - plus they get expensive.

    Try some other things out, like dinner leftovers from the night before. Before you know it you'll be happily scoffing meatloaf and cabbage for brekkie like the rest of us :D
  14. FatGirlSlim85

    FatGirlSlim85 Full Member

    Meatloaf and cabbage for breakfast- eww! haha. I am still losing whilst having a shake a day so i will stick with them for the moment. I ditched the bars when i saw Moonlights post in another thread! The shakes aren't cheap, but i usually find them on offer for £1.50 instead of £1.99 :) xx
  15. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Meatloaf and cabbage ... now there's a lovely thought!

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