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When do the cravings stop?

Honestly I not think I could do this diet IF I had children or a husband to cook for............ My willpower would be ZERO and I'd say well the diet starts tomorrow!!! I truly take my hat off to anyone who has achieved family life whilst doing the Cambridge diet!

I've been very fortunate in that my husband has cooked his own meals for the past 6 months and mine, now I'm doing the 810 plan....!!

I stopped craving food in the 3rd week!!! The 1st week was quite easy, the 2nd week I hit the wall and by the 3rd week it had become a way of life....................
its just all in your head hun, yo dont need food. I have to cook the little ones dinner and bf's. I try and make it as quick as poss then i go and do something else, go for a walk/drive. watch tv upstairs have a shower wash hair just to get my mind of it. It doesnt bother me anymore but may help during the 1st few weeks. Big choc fan here aswell!!
I cook every night for my 2 children and hubby, I love cooking and to be honest this diet has made me into a even bigger foody as i now look for healthy and new ideas all the time , so i can practice for when i can eat again.lol

You will get through it hun, put the choc in the bottom draw of the fridge so you dont see it.

good luck hunni, it will get easier.xx
I know thats really bad but im on day 4 and have the cravings, its not hungar though. Definitely not hungar. Im going to cook the kids dinner later and you never know that i might get through it without drooling lol.
I hope saturday rolls on quick so i can have weigh in !


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I can totally get the chicken licking incident.. Last time round even dog food was setting me off (i dont even eat meat)!! But the others are right it does get easier in a few weeks.


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oh poor u i know wat ya goin through and the chicken thing i can relate 2 that.im on day 7 weigh in 2moz but my weight loss has stopped i think in the last few days (not been the loo for 3 days though and its killin me)just been holland and barrat for some psyllium husks i hope it works otherwise a bomb might be in order:eek: chin up things will get betta and i know thats no comfort me sayin that cos wen people say it 2 me i think ..yer right ... but its like anything u have good days and bad and hopefully youll have have more good soon :)


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Aw babes, I know how you feel. I dont feel hungry but when I smell Moo's or Chris's food my mouth waters ;) I have been 100% sticking to the diet but am so tempted to just shove my face into my hubbys tea at night :ashamed0005::ashamed0005:


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I know how you're feeling. I am cooking daily for 4 little ones. The food smells so good, but once I got used to not being hungry it's easier to resist. I just think to myself that it's not worth it. You can do this, don't worry.
Must be hard to have families going on around you.. I feel for you all xx I sniff food alot lately lol.. it does help


nearly there!! :)
ur doing fab hunni xxx cook dinner then go for ur walk or that!! how ya feeling on it?


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omg i cant be sniffin food arrrhhh. i went the pics last nite with hubby and he had thoses nacho thingies with hot cheese sauce i thought i was gonna have a breakdown wen i sniffed them ... no sniffin 4 me lol :eek:
awww.. I usually go for a bath when my other half eats, when we went to the cinema we both had nothing.

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