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When do you have your packs


I am new to CD but have done LL last year. I am used to having 4 packs a day with LL and now I am on 3. Just wondered when people tend to have their 3 packs throughout the day?

I cant seem to find a routine that suits but I guess I am only on my 5th Day with CD (I am on day 10 of SS but the first 5 were using up my LL packs).

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I split some of my packs, making it feel like more, perhaps you should try that? I have half a chocolate shake with hot water about 8.30, then another about 11. Then I have a tetra brick about 1.30, then probably a full shake again about 6.30-7.

Splitting the packs when made with hot water doesn't seem to affect the taste at all to me... try it :)

Good luck

Thanks for that. Never crossed my mind. I will give it a go. I have not tried mixing the packs manually (I would have to do that at work) how do they mix up with a whisk?

I have a tetra brick with me for my lunch today and I make that last about an hour. I might try splitting a pack when I get home so that I can have two soups tonight rather than one.

I save 1 tetra for coffee: so i get three "mochas" throughout the day. I have one first thing in the morning, then one at lunch, and one in the evening not long before bed.

I try and save my shakes for the evening cos that is the worst time for me.
I've also been having boullion for breakfast, works for me but i think it'd make a few people sick at the thought!

Defo try splitting your packs, has saved my life mny times xxxx
I dont have any of my shakes cold (apart from Tetras!) so I just mix it with a spoon. I put half a pack of shake in a mug, add a bit cold water and mix to a paste, then add the hot water, stir some more and it's fine, so no need for a whisk. May have the odd tiny lump, but they dont bother me :)

Good luck, glad I could help :)


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When I was SSing, I literally kept to the 3 meals a day routine, so I wouldn't get out of the habit of 3 regular meals. So for me, breakfast, dinner and teatime - just kept swigging the water in between.


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I mix up 1 choc & 1 vanilla pack, then split it into 4 and then when I am making them into hot shake I add big teaspoon of coffee - its the best! I've done vanilla & coffee on its own & choc and coffee on its own but the whole mixture is lurvly - I'm just off to make my first half now!

By the way - I must say that I am not particularly fond of coffee usually but in the shakes its gr8!

I always have a whole pack of soup + 1tsp bouillion in it which makes it reacher so you can add bit more water and it goes further... Some people add husks to theirs, tried it once and ended up with a slug in my bowl eeeeewwww.... I believe that Russian Doll may be the ''expert'' on this one tho. I cant even make a mousse yet :eek::eek:


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I tend to have one after dropping the kids to school and then i don't have the next until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon so i can save my last one for about half eight in the evening. I find evenings the hardest - if i've had all of my shakes by then i tend to start craving food!!
I have 1 for breakfast 1/2 with husks & the rest in a great big mug of coffee, 1about 3 then a choc tetra with hot water before bed, water really does stop the hunger pangs!

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I have between 1/2 - 1 litre of water when I get up 5.15am.

Then when I get to work I have a choc tetra with about 1/2 litre hot water for my breakfast at about 0930 (best part of the day - i love this!).

Have another shake about 1300-1400 depending on how busy I am.

Then when I get home (1600) I have another .75 litre of hot water with a bit of summer berry water flavouring.

About 1800 ish I have a soup.

I drink around 5 litres of water a day (including the hot water mentioned above)

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