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When does it become physically easier?


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I have to admit it, for me, it is only really when i get into my 3rd week of the diet that I get past that. I still get hungry now but it only happens around the times i'm due my shakes. I'm one of the few people who doesn't get loads of energy though...it just never seems to happen! Everyone is different! I don't know how much water you are drinking but you could always try and up that a little to see if it makes a difference. Just keep going and I promise eventually you'll get past it hun xx
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In a word never lol no I have to say I feel hungry or should I say I feel I want to eat almost everyday but I wouldn't say it is hunger it is because I know I like something or I know how could it tastes just make sure your drinking enough water and any real hunger should subside once your in ketosis you really shouldn't have real hunger??? At least I think that's right but I also think it's about having the willpower not to eat!!:)


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Haha yummy mummy you got that spot on. I dont go a day without thinking "Ooo i could just eat that right now"...its not normal to NOT think things like that! This diet is making us do the most unnatural thing to ourselves, deprive the body of food, so its a constant battle isnt it! Some days its easy, some days not :) xx
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Oh I defo agree with that Louise!!:) this is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life!:( but if I take it day by day and week by week I know I'll get there eventually!!:D I find having events to look forward to spurs me on!!:) otherwise I'd be totally useless!! :p


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I have to agree - I'm on week 6 and you never lose that desire to eat when you see something that you like - but its the willpower and the desire to lose weight that stops you from actually eating.. you aren't actually hungry and you know that the shakes are all you need but to resist the temptation to pick a little bit of food here and there is very hard - but if you want to lose weight you have to do it.


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hey Mr, i really struggled the first few weeks. Felt hungry CONSTANTLY and dizzy and nausous. It passed though, i can't put my finger on when, just one day i thought, god i'm not hungry!!
Still dizzy though, so i decreased my water intake. I drink about 3-4 litres (was drinking 5). But i've enough energy to take the dog on a 4-6 mile walk every night!!
Good luck

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