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When does it get easier?

mum of 2

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I only started Slimming World a few days ago but I am finding it really hard. I am also on the EE plan!!!!!

So far I have made the following changes:

  • Instead of having sugar on my cereal I either have chopped banana or no cereal, but fruit and a mullerlight.
  • My snacks have changed from crisps and biscuits to Apples and raw carrots.
  • Instead of my usual drink of areo bubbles hot chocolate, I now drink green tea with no milk or sweetener.
  • I am addicted to coca-cola or pepsi, but I have now swapped these drinks to pepsi max.
  • I am trying to have syn free lunches (apart from the spread I am using) However I have swapped my spread from Flora buttery to flora lighter than light spread.
  • Me and my husband always used to have a few bottles of lager on a sat night (usually about 5/6), but now we have decided not to anymore.
  • Im also making more of an effort to eat my veg, something Ive always not enjoyed doing.
  • Also one last thing I have taken up running 3 times a week.

Having said that I am struggling to stick below 15 syns a day. I have decided to say that instead of 15 a day make it 105 a week, but I cant seem to do that.

I have made so many lifestyle changes already and surely that will help somewhat. I know its not going to be a quick process at these changes, but surely its gonna be something?
After all I am not trying to diet, just change a few things in my lifestyle so it will be better for me. :( Plus there is no time limit for me, just when it happens, so Ive got nothing to aim for, I just want to be a bit lighter.

The thing that gets me down is that Im hearing how everyone is doing so well with their eating, and how easy it seems to be for everyone else to stick within their syn ranges, well for me its not. :cry:Is it such a bad thing? Its more my evening meals, but Im not able to change much as we eat as a family and we are quite happy with what we eat. Last night it was stir fry, tonight its stew, left over stew tomorrow, We have also got Fish, Mash and mushy peas for one night. Its not like we are eating McDonalds/KFC every night. Actually we hardly have take aways at all.

Basically what I want to know is it worth me doing ANYTHING or should I not bother trying if I cant stick to my syn limit?

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mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
One last sentance:

I thought this was supposed to be easy, well not for me it isnt.
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Congratulations on how well you've done so far, you've made lots of changes already & you should be so proud of yourself.

Ok so you want to save your syns for family meals.

Stew - thicken with potates or smash & add extra seasoning.

Stir Fry - use fry light to fry veggies in & use syn free noodles.

Fish, mash & mushy peas - Ok so the mushy peas are syn free as they are, try making the mash without butter & use milk from your allowance & have your fish without batter or breadcrumbs.

Post your food diary & let us take a look & we'll all give you some ideas on how you can make them SW friendly & low syn:D


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Well done on starting to make changes and starting SW!
You said it's only been afew days since you started SW, so it can take a week or so before your body adjusts and gets used to the healthy eating.
Try eating quite often, free foods like fruit and veg!
Have you had your first weighing yet?
If not, i'm sure the results to that will surely make it easier! :)


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Hey hun

First of all, I think you're doing yourself out of some really nice things. You say you like hot chocolate but have switched your usual brand to green tea. Why? Why, when you can have an Options or Highlights for 1.5-2 syns a sachet would you deny yourself a chocolate drink?

You could also switch from sugar on your cereal to sweetner and switch from full-whack beer to low calorie '99' lager or Coors light at 5 syns a bottle.

There are always alternatives to your favourite things, as you say,it's switching your lifestyle a little and making better choices, but just having less of the things you love rather than none of the things you love.

Crisps are not a problem if you get yourself into French Fries and Quavers, chocolate's not a problem if you invest in some snack size and fun size bars.

The most important thing is that you really really really want to have to do this. If you just think that 'losing a few lbs might be quite nice' it's not going to work because you won't be bothered doing it properly.

Good luck hun and you know, you're in the best place for advice! So ask away xx

mum of 2

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Hi my syns are on the cheap foods. We are on a tight budget and dont have a lot of money for healthy alternatives for food all the time. We love our meat, but cant afford to buy the quality syn free stuff all the time. My husband wont use frylite, cos his mum got some once and it wasnt very good.

My syns are just being used up as they are all adding up. Ive had soup (as usual) for my lunch today with wholemeal bread (hexb), but I need to have spread on my bread (haha that rhymed), then with tea tonight, Im not sure what syns it has. The mince wasnt lean mince, but hasnt been fried, just bunged in the slow cooker with veg and plenty of water and a stock cube. We will be having yorkshire puddings, mash (with no milk, but little bit of spread in it) and mushy peas with it. Its something than not only I like, but my whole family (including my husband who does the cooking) like.

I have started a food diary, but Im not being 100% honest on it as I dont want to admit the amount of syns I am really having. I feel as though Im the only one who isnt coping with the few syns we get. I feel as though I cant eat anything without it being a syn.

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb
Sorry Vixxster crossed posts then.

I have cut choc drink out cos I want to get rid of syns completely there. The same goes with the other snack choices. I cant eat crisps, drink beer (exept on special occasions) if I want to reduce my syns.

i know its hard to stick to something if you dont really really really want it, and maybe I dont which is why I cant stick to below 15 syns. For me 15 syns seems really impossible right now.

No subs, ive not had my next weigh-in yet. I have just had my starting weight.

mum of 2

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S: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb

The most important thing is that you really really really want to have to do this. If you just think that 'losing a few lbs might be quite nice' it's not going to work because you won't be bothered doing it properly.

Good luck hun and you know, you're in the best place for advice! So ask away xx
I do really really really want to lose weight and a dress size or 2, I just dont have a timescale to it. Im not doing it properly cos Im finding it far too hard so perhaps it wont work then. Surely its too soon to give up now though, I just hope it gets easier to get below my syns in time.
You are trying to change too much at once. It doesn't have to be more expensive buying less calorific foods, but you will need to treat them slightly differently.
It's fine to buy the non lean mince, but it has to be dry fried first and ALL the fat pouring off. Just putting it in a slow cooker and allowing it to cook in it's fat is the worst thing you can do.
Try a tablespoon of fat-free yoghurt to mash your potatoes (adding a spoonful of mustard makes it yummy).
There's lots you can do, but being too hard on yourself means you won't stick to it for long.
Keep trying, you'll get there - good luck :)


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Hi there, well done on starting sw, you will do great. You seem to have made loads of changes, which is fab, good on you, but do you think its possible that your making things harder for yourself. We all know how hard dieting can be, believe me i do, but i couldnt get by without my treats.

I also cut out sugar, but i have sweetner, I love Hot Choc, so i have options instead, and i defo couldnt go without my crisps! But i stick to lower fat option, quavers, french fries, etc. I am sticking to a budget too, so have been shopping in lots of different places, i go to home bargains for my options, its 79p for 6 sachets, and i recently found that aldi do a snackrite multipack of crisps, all corn type crisps, bacon fries, wotsits, salt and vinegar sticks etc, and they are all below 5.5 syns. I try not to use syns too on my meals, as i prefer to use my syns for treats, but sometimes i do use them on meals if its something i think is worth it. I think your doing great, dont beat yourself up if you go over syns, just stick with it and youll get there. Best of luck xx


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Just to add to what others have said, I assume from your post that you go class (sorry if I have that wrong) but you can buy a book called family feasts for a fiver (costs £4.95), which will give some low syn ideas for a reasonable cost.

And well done on joining and making changes to your diet, but don't give up everything you like - your syns are there to help you keep on track and for your little treats
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mum of 2

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Thanks for your replies. I really just wanted to get it off my chest that I am having difficulties.

Thanks for the tip mamma in regards to the mince. Im more than happy to do that in future, unfortunately its a bit late for tonights meal now.

LOSC2522 - Yes I am being too hard on myself, but everywhere I look everybody seems to be finding it easy to stick to their syns and I wanted reassurances that its not as easy as it seems.

Lizie2008 - Thanks for the book idea, I was looking into buying 100 free recipes, but I think that one might be better for me now and I'll buy the 100 free recipes next week.


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Mumof2, i have tried sw once before this time, and i found it impossible to stay within my syns. I think i just wasnt quite ready for the challenge, but i dont think the same can be said of you, i think you are attacking your challenge and making loads of really positive changes, it just takes a while to get used to the plan and stay within the limits.

Believe me, i do know how you feel, i had two really naughty days this week, no reason, just because, which was silly of me and i ate well over my syns. But i did still lose 2.5 lbs so i think subconsciously i still must be making healthier choices than i was before. This time round on SW, i just know that this is gonna be a long journey for me, il have ups and il have downs, but my aim is to wake up each morning and stick with it, cos eventually we will all get to where we want to be. Please be reassured that we all struggle, dieting is never easy, but i do think sw is the way forward and i guarantee if you just stick with it for now, whether you go above your syns or not, keep on going and it will get easier, best of luck from me xx

mum of 2

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Thanks losc2522 That was really nice of you.
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I just wanted you to know that you are not alone!!

I started 2 weeks ago on tuesday..and im having serious difficulties getting used to the plan

I put on 1lb last week - and this week i havent really stuck at it and been over my syns ALOT everyday and im ready for another gain this week :(

I know i only have myself to blame and i need to find the motivation to stick to this and stick within my 15 syns a day! which i find impossible!! and i dont know how to get out of this rut ive got myself into

My friend who i go with seems to be finding it easy, so how come im not! which is why its refreshing to see your post xx

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