When does the ENERGY kick in, Im still waiting


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Mine was Day 3 so i'm surprised yours hasn't arrived yet.Maybe it's because the littlies havn't been too good lately and the stress with your dad..How is he BTW?

I could be way off here but I am sure someone will be along shortly with the answer :)



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Mine started at about day 7. Have you been 100% to the diet? If you have cheated, and may have put you back out of ketosis which means you start from square one. Other than that TOTM might make you feel drained. I am full of energy during the day but get pretty tired at night time a lot quicker.


It happened for me in the first week - but I guess the thing we keep getting reminded of on here, is that everyone is soooooo different. It could be something completely different preventing you from having the energy. I am sure with the weight loss though, you will start to feel it soon. I have lost 2 stone and I tried to carry something that weight the other day, it's so hard!! So, as we get lighter, I am sure we'll all start to feel more energetic


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Hi BM2LM, To be honest I didn't start to feel really good until about the fourth week,Then the energy burst realy did kick in. Last weekend I spent then whole weekend cleaning and ironong!Totally out of character for me. I think that as bunnyg says we are all so different. I do wakeup earlier than normal though and sleep much better, only ever waking in the night for a "Wee Trip" .The difference with that though is its not via the fridge, I used to be a big middle of the night snacker!


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Ive been doing this diet for almost 7 weeks and Ive not had any burst of energy!!

Still as lethargic as ever:(

I dont know why as Ive stuck to it 100%

I'm not even remotely energetic



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I noticed that after the first day i could actually be bothered to get out of bed before 9.00am, however i have to agree with some of the others i do not have a load of energy bursting to jump out of me. I kinda feel normal really, but definately more tired at night than i used to be.