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When i do join ww will you welcome me on here

Hiya i am thinking of joining ww but dont know when and when i do would you all please welcome me on the ww forum so we can help each other when we are stuck.

Wonder if anyone can help me if i decide to join this week with mothering sunday coming uo we are going down to my partners mums and we are having a buffet for lunch e t c so i was wondering how i could overide that . Then the other problem it is one of my work mates birthday on thursday and my boss always brings cakes in for us all when it is somebodys birthday fresh cream ones just wondering how i could get over this and go to my ww meeting if i let things like this rule my life i wont go at all

Kind Regards

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Bethany anyone and everyone is welcome on these forums. It might be an idea for you to read through some of the threads already here, diary ones, food tips etc before you start :)

A buffet IS manageable, you might not be able to eat as much as you would usually but you could do one of 2 things. I had 2 family buffets in consecutive weeks, one was at my brothers house, so I had him keep all the packaging for the food and I worked out how much everything was and ate accordingly. The only things I avoided were sausage rolls. The next week was in a hotel, which was harder but I had a couple of things and took my time eating them, more so I was SEEN to be taking part thatn anything else. With regards to the cream cakes, you can have one by all means just be sure you get the points value and incorporate it into your days foods.

You might find starting a diary of your own on here will help whatever you decide there'll always be someone around to help you :)
The basic calculator youll get at WW is made of cardboard and you have to slide the number of cals into the cals window and then cross refer it to the saturated fat and it shows the points. It sounds complicated the way I describe it lol but its not.

I have a digital calculator, you put the calories in, press CALS, put in the sat fat, and press POINTS and it tells you how many points it is. Its great for when youre at the shops etc
Refering to the point calculator, I brought one last night, they are £6.95 and really really good. No more standing with a paper and pen trying to work out what I am eating......
Hiya that what gets me when you have to keep writing down everything so does this calculatore store how many points you have had and every time youve had something you put the points in and does it tell you how many you have left and how many you have had through the day

Yes it does it calculates how may calories are in sertain portions, you can also put in how many calories you are allowed in a day and then it takes them off of it so you know how many you have left. It also can be used as a normal calculator.
Surprisingly yes I found it quite easy to follow, as as I think I have mentioned before you dont have to change what you eat (so you can still have a little bit of what you fancy LOL) just be aware of what you are eating.
I think everyone seems to do it differently, it all depends on what suits you. I mostly go off of the packets and work my points out.

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