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When I'm slimmer clothes!

I'm planning on buying a dress of my own design from fab website styleshake when I get to target - refuse to spend £90ish on something that won't fit (hopefully) soonish!

And don't know what measurements I will be when I have lost a load, having been huge for years and years, so can't buy it until I get there.

PS love that dress on Amazon - soooo love the 50s look - am having a Vivien of Holloway dress as my wedding dress :D (And hopefully will be smaller then, so I guess I will be getting that too once weight has been lost!).
OOOh that dress is so gorgeous.... I started the diet as a size 22/24, in the Jan sells I bought a size 16 maxi dress, size 18 jeggings, size 20 skinny jeans from Very and a size 18 Henry Holland dress. Glad to say all that fits now. I o9bought a size 18 jumpsuit from Asos last week, it fits but will look nicer when I drop a few pounds :).
yay ladies! I'm glad I'm not the only one that is already buying/thinking about the clothes I want when I'm smaller :D

I loooooove the 50s style dresses and there are so many I want, although not too sure where I'll wear them, might have to start going out more to show them off hehe.


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What a gorgeous dress :)

I've got 2 size 12 dresses hanging up. I bought them both 3 years ago when I first started losing weight - at the time the dresses would have barely fit one leg! I put one 'on' yesterday, well at least managed to pull it up to my bum, which is further than ever before. I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to wear them. They're both evening dresses, one black, really long, the other a bright pink more floaty Monsoon dress. I can't wait to be able to wear them. I'm hoping that in the summer they will fit, and maybe I'll wear the pink one to my Mum's wedding. At the moment I'm wearing size 16-18ish clothes. When I started the diet I was in 26-30ish clothes. I'm still looking at the clothes I'm wearing now and think they'll be too small, but brain is slowly catching up.
I love your dress, it's amazing. I am thinking about what dress to wear to my sister's wedding in June, which was my motivation to start dieting. I'm not going to buy it until 2-3 weeks before as I want one that fits the size I will be by that point. I would be thrilled if I'm in an 18 by that point. I've started in tight 24's, now into size 22's. I'm hoping another stone will take me into 20's, as last time I was that weight I was that size. I need to clear out my wardrobe and stop wearing my 24's really. Today I had to put a belt on, the last time I wore these jeans I had a muffin top over them, woohoo.


Will be a skinny mini!
I've got a pair of denim shorts i wore on my honeymoon six months ago i wanna be back in them xx


Will be a skinny mini!
Hi guys i brought some fab size ten skinny crop jeans today as my aim can't do them up by about 2 inchs I WILL GET INTO THEM BY 8TH APRIL XX
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