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When is best to refeed?


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Hi, I have just weighed myself (sneak preview before monday) and I'm 3lb away from target, my BMI is now 25. :)

What I'd like to know from anyone doing refeed or planning on starting soon is at what point do you start?
Do you wait till you've reached target or when you're a few pounds away?
Or do you go below target to allow for any gain on refeed? I'm confused! :confused:
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I personally would wait until you reach target (although i havent done refeed... my friend has) then if you go slightly below you can play with the amounts of food you are eating to stabalize... i would much rather that then not loose those all important few lbs xx well done you for getting where you are xxx

xx Cathy xx

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I think its up to you i'm not sure if theres any strict rule saying when you've got to do it. I personally want to get a few pounds lower as my doc says when you come off TFR your liver gains 3lb in the stores it used to have. Its not fat its more energy reserves.


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Well hun i lost 10lb on refeed! I stopped before target as my face was getting too thin! I was a bit disappointed as wanted to reach 11 and half stone! I am now maintaining at 11st 5lb so glad i stopped the shakes when i did or i would be prob too think! Myself Fifi and Harriet have all lost more weight on refeed hun so maybe take that into consideration but do whats best for you xxx


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Im starting refeed this tues for a wk before my hols.....can i repeat refeed menus day4-7 while away (and have couple drinks - will make sure Im out of ketosis) or am I as well off having maintenance bar instead of brekkie/lunch. Im seriously getting puzzled with whats the best option. Please help


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Oh oh im away on hols next week too!!!
Iv been refeeding for the last two weeks chemist told me only to follow day two for some bizzare reason, but this week ill be doing days 4-7 to make sure im outta ketosis!
Im thinkg about bringing maintance bars for brekkie too mmm der lovely


I've got the power
Thanks for the feedback everyone, I will be starting refeed next week!

I can't wait to be back in the land of food (but I'm scared as well LOL)


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Im starting to refeed on tues, we can be eating buddys lol

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