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When to eat breakfast?


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Hiya hun. Some times I eat before leaving the house (about 7.30), but some times I don't eat anything until about 11a.m. (break time). It hasn't made a huge amount of difference to my weight loss so far. I guess the important thing is to eat when you're hungry. If you're not hungry, don't force yourself to eat :) xxx
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I would love to hear some thoughts on this also as I hate HATE eating in the mornings but kind of force myself as I have heard it kick starts the metabolism too. Its not that Im not hungry, eating so early after I wake up makes me feel sick :/


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I get up at 8am and eat brekkie at about 10 ish , dont think it matters too much, actually if I eat at 8am I find I am more hungry before lunch than if I eat when I am ready.


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I get up at 8:45 every day, sometimes earlier. But I don't usually have anything to eat for about an hour, as my brain needs to wake up first (and the cat needs feeding before my 9am start :)). Sometimes I leave it as late as 11am, but often start feeling hollow before then!
It all depends on what suits you and your life. It makes no difference. If you wake up in the morning and you are still alive, then your metabolism is probably chugging along quite happily without being kicked!
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I am another one who doesn't eat on waking up but a few hours later.

It certainly hasn't affected my weight loss.

On my work days I eat a banana about 2 hours after getting up and a bit later a yogurt and later still some fruit. A bit like grazing really. It works for me.

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