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When to weight

I know that you should weight yourself in the morning and in no way in the evening-that is for sure. But often do you weight yourself. I usually do it every morning, but sometimes I get so frustrated because I haven't lost anything. How do you deal with this problem? I mean how often do you weight yourself? Daily? Weekly? Or even monthly?
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You should definately, definately only weigh yourself once a week, at the same time(I prefer morning) and thats it - your weight will fluctuate up and down a thousand times during the week and you can only tell after a week - we can become obsessive about jumping on the scales and it doesnt do us any good - have learned this the hard way!! (my weigh day is tues) I have often hopped on scales on Thursday to find im dow 3lbs, hopped on the friday to find im up 4... and so on and on... BIGGEST ADVICE - STAY OFF THE SCALES TIL WEIGH DAY!!! (starlight will back me up on this one!! ) :)
Absolutely back you on this one Nikki ;)

Once a week is the way to go. I know if youve been doing a VLCD the temptation is there to keep hopping on once a day but its a REALLY bad idea on something like WW. My weight fluctuates SO much over the week, Id be totally disheartened if I paid attention to it.

Once a week and first thing in the morning :)
Thanks a lot for sharing all your opinions with me. Maybe I should really think about my behavior, because you all suggest me to weigh only once a week. I think I should try it although it will be very difficult for me I guess. I am just to curious :) But probably then I would not be so frustrated anymore!
Difficult call this and definately an individual choice. If you get motivation from always looking at the reduced weight on the scale from when you started then go for it everyday but if you are going to become down in the dumps if it doesn't fall ever day then do it once a week.

The good thing with this is that whether or not the scales move every day or not if you stick to it you can't fail in being slim.



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I threw away my scales at home as I was on the after every wee! I get weighed weekly at my meeting.

Yeah probably everybody has to decide individually when he or she wants to weigh. I never thought about the problem of different diets-maybe it is really better not to weigh every day it you are doing the weight watchers program, but if you are doing something else. At least you should weigh sometimes-otherwise you won't see any difference :)

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