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when will i notice a difference in my clothes?


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Congrats! Thats a lot of weight you lost! Have you tried putting on a size smaller of pants yet? You really should have noticed a difference in clothes if you have lost that much. I notice a change after about 15 pds. My clothing is looser but i can still wear them, but if I try on something smaller that smaller size fits better. Try that, go into a store and just try on 1 size smaller, you might be pleasantly surprised.:)
And again congrats on your awesome weight loss.:worthy:


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Hi Sarah!
Good job on your weight loss!
I just started a healthier lifestyle (gym and healthy food) and lost 6 pounds this week. You should go shopping a little to treat yourself :)
I'm pretty sure you will fit into something smaller.
Hang in there!
I noticed a difference after losing 2 stones. My clothes were looser before that, but I couldn't get into a smaller size yet. Then I tried on a pair of trousers I'd had before that were way too tight, and now they fit, and are getting baggy!

I also have a pair of jeans that I've never worn, a size smaller than what I was wearing, they fit me now, but I still feel they look a little tight yet. I think in the next half stone I'll be wearing them, hurrah!


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thanks lou, i remember someone else saying on here a while back that after each 2 stones they lost a dress size, i will see what happens when i lose another half stone, i would have lost 2 then, hopefully it will happen then, i hate being a size 24, i can feel people looking at me when i by clothes its horrid.


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I have lost 70lb, I was 325 to start with, I noticed in my clothes after I had lost approx 3stone - and now ... wow lol ... I look like I have shrunk in my work gear ... really have to order some more as my waist is ruffled due to me just putting an extra few notches in my belt and I have no backside in my current work trousers lol.
thats good alan :p..
i was a size 32 at xmas last year now im in size 14/16 and im hoping that by xmas ill be in just 14's :) x
stalker :p kiddin xx
=o ok ok ok ya caught me out lol.

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