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when will i stop feeling hungry

I am at the end of my first week - going for my weigh in tonight.

I am sitting here, so hungry and tired. I was just wondering how long it takes for this to pass ....

My CDC permitted me to have bars. She said that in her experience it doesn't make much difference. I wondering if this is why.

Has anybody got any tips, because if somebody put a big bar of chocolate on my desk i don't know if i've got the will power to resist. I'm just so hungry.
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Having the bars probably doesn't make much difference to the weight you lose, but there is a good reason that Cambridge don't recommend you have them in the first week or two - they can make some people hungry. :( Sounds like you're one of them. You shouldn't really be having bars until you're well established in ketosis.

Still, as I said, it shouldn't make a difference to how much weight you lose - it's just made it a little harder for you.

It does get better, I promise. There will always be times where you feel a bit hungry, but that aching, gnawing hunger does go eventually.

Hang in there - be strong! (and maybe don't have the bars next week?) You've done fantastically well to get this far! :0clapper::0clapper::0clapper:
Hey :) Don't worry, it does get easier.
You'll have hungry and non hungry days and hopefully in time you'll realise that even if you're having a hungry day, you don't have to eat.

There are plenty of things to do distract yourself with and you seem very commited, so I'm sure you'll do fantastically well! Best of luck


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Hope, it does get esier I promise. I think you'll find week 2 a lot easier. If you think the bars will help keep you on track then thats ok. Drink lots of water and try and stay strong. There are people that the been doing this diet for weeks and weeks, so it must get easier huh. I struggled last week for a few days but just woke up one morning feeling so different, just normal again, not hungry. It really is that quick, please try and stay strong love.


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I agree with the reply above. Try going without the bars for the next week if you can to really make sure you're in ketosis. And of course, drink lots of water. It does fill you up.
Good luck x


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try drinking peppermint tea if water is getting a bit much. it really does get easier so stick with it and you will see amazing results! good luck x x
Hurrah - feel motivated

Thank you so much for you help!

I had my first weigh in yesterday -lots 7lbs.

BTW -how do i put one of those tickers in here?

I think you have to put on a certain number of posts before it'll let you do it. Not sure how many though, sorry! :)


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hope - go to tickerfactory. ?com. Make you ticker step by step, once made cut the text out of both and paste onto your signature. I'm really bad at explaining things and if you can't seem to do what I say... search tickers in this forum and it will have one of the many threads that will explain it better.


needs motivating
im on week 2 and today ive felt really hungry, it might have to do with the fact i was cooking my fav meal for my hubby chicken carbanara yummmm

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