when you only lose 2 or 3 pounds a week..

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    morning all!

    the longest ive ever managed SS was a month, which is when most of the biggest losses occur. and now i have two questions:

    1: if the biggest losses happen in the first couple of weeks, apart from the crappy few days you get everytime you start is there anything to stop you doing say..three weeks on SS and one week off? would this trigger the big loss again every time you start?

    2: i dont know if i could stick to SS losing only 2 pounds a week when you could lose that on weight watchers and still be able to eat! or is it more of a control thing, as in if you eat food its harder to slip into old habits?
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    It doesn't work like that though. The big losses in the first couple of weeks are mainly due to glycogen/water losses because you are reducing carbs. Of course, there is some fat loss too. After the first couple of weeks, it's mainly fat.

    When you come off the diet, the glycogen/water returns, so except for the fat losses, you'll be almost back to square one.

    Yes, reducing those carbs again will give you another set of big losses, followed by the regain (repeat until fed up to the teeth of it).

    You will also need to go through the pains of getting back into ketosis each time, and you may find it harder to get back on track on each restart.

    You should probably lose more than 2lbs as week, but we are all different and if 2lbs a week is your limit then you certainly wouldn't lose anything like that on WW.

    Not knocking WW at all, just that it's higher calorie, so you don't get the bigger losses. Remember only one of the Cambridge plans doesn't have food. Are you sure you have picked the right plan for YOU?
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    Hiya :D

    Forgive me I have only been on this diet a month so my reply might not be as weighted as the more experienced CD'ers here but Ill throw my opinion in anyways :D

    Personally... the thought of having to put your body into the ketosis phase once every month is actually scary! I remember the first few days and the struggle it was retraining your body and your mind into not eating.. the shivers and the headaches etc. I would not want to put myself through that every month just for the sake of having 7 days with normal food. Even then.. those 7 days would be awful because I would be eating the same old junk that I used to, and the whole reason I am dieting is to retrain my mind into eating healthy foods. I'd also be thinking "god in 7 days I am back to the soups and shakes.. is it really worth it" I know I would not be as strong willed as to eat healthy those 7 days and not want to grab some chocolate etc.. then after the 7 days are up to suddenly stop it and go back to soups and shakes again? Don't think I could put myself through that each month :(

    I think for me it would be a control thing. I enjoy the fact that I do not have to worry about what to cook, or what to eat etc.. All my food and my nutrients are there set out for the week without me needing to think or make any effort haha :D (yes the lazy man within me loves this whole no thinking diet :p). I would not like the thought yet of having to try and cook/buy only the healthy foods as a part of me still clings on to the old habits. I have not yet had a small loss (i.e 2 lbs) but really.. there is no way before this diet I would have lost 2 or 3 pounds in a week anyways. Plus, i would have lost 2/3 lbs of true body fat and not stored glycogen etc. For me any loss is still a loss and it brings me closer to my goal I wouldn't worry about the amount... long as the scales are coming down its worth it :D

    Sorry you'll probably get better response from someone on it a lot longer just thought i'd throw in my penny's worth haha

    Take Care xx
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    2 pounds a week is brill :D

    But.... you will more than likely lose more than that..possibly or..maybe not..but never on ww would you lose a stone a month..unless you were like over 30 stone lol well you get what i mean :)

    CD is fantastic..is has taught me sooo much about portion control.. i really recommend it :)

    I would also recommend a higher plan ss+ or 810 if you want a bit of food..still very good losses!

    Good luck x
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