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Where are you 810's?

Sunshine Singer

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:character00100:Hi all,

I'm just thinking the people on 810 seem to not talk about it as much as SS. (I'm probably missing a really obvious group somewhere :p)

I'm loving 810 having done SS before and being really sick on it, (to the point where I couldn't lift my head and a light walk seemed like a marathon) 810 really suits me better. I'm told it doesn't make too much difference in weight loss, about 2lbs less a month. So it should keep me on CD happier and for longer.:blahblah:

I just wanted to see where all the 810's are and how you are all getting on. There must be a fair few of us xxx:hug99:
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Sunshine Singer

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Hiya, great to know you're on 810 too. That's exactly it.....being able to exercise is brilliant. My energy levels are up and I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of real food.....so I'm a happy bunny. Apart from when eating out with limited choices, I don't feel like I'm on a major diet.

Really nice to know who is also on 810. Wouldn't want to seperate from SS of course as we 're in it together and all have our goals. But interesting to know all the same,

Have a fab week xxx

Ps - your losses are amazing. You are an inspiration.


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Hi Sunshine

I'm on 810 too. I'm coming to the end of my 3rd week and I'll be on 1000 (step a) from Thursday but I've really enjoyed 810 and loved experimenting with herbs and spices.

Good luck to eveyone on their weight loss.
Hi I'm on 810 (but only day 2 for me) after being advised from CDC to move up from SS as my losses have really slowed down to under 2lbs a week and at still 3stones from a healthy BMI and over 3 stones from goal, feeling a little disheartened, CDC thinks my metabolism needs a boost, and body needs some food. I will be an 810'er for at least 2 weeks, but CDC thinks it will be a permanent move for the forseable future (but this will depend on losses) If they slow down even more than on SS then obviously I will be going back to SS. More than willing to give this a go though, and enjoyed last nights cottage cheese, sliced mushrooms and lettuce, and tonight I had (on Jess's advice) a smaller piece of Chicken (than book says) with lemon and basil - and broccoli and cauliflower (3tbps) with 1 tbsp cottage cheese (as had less chicken) to make it into cauliflower cheese and mashed it up to make the veg look a lot more - was yummy!!

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Yum that all sounds good. I'll have to try your ideas out. I love 810. Great to know you're also on it. Keep in touch and let me know how you're doing over the 2 weeks.

Take care xxx
woops - just rolled into problem no.1 - Chris (my fiance) had done the shopping yesterday (before I went to W.I. and moved up plans) and he bought 'the 1' milk which is written as being the same taste as semi skimmed milk but the calories and fat of skimmed - so I thought it would be the same - as he'd ran out of skimmed. Just went to have my glass of it for the evening (had a cup of tea with a small amount in earlier) and checked it against the skimmed milk bottle, and its only about 4 cals more so thought ok thats fine, as prob varies from shop to shop, but the saturated fat in skimmed is 0.1 and in this 'the 1' milk is 0.6 - quite a big difference, so have poured it away after a mouthful. Will have to go tomorrow and buy some proper skimmed milk, so although I've stuck to it today as much as poss, I have messed up a little on the milk (slapped wrist for me for not checking this morning) x
Great idea for an 810 thread.. I was diagnosed with M.E. last week and have been advised to do 810.. my losses were quite small anyway due to my medication.. but I have stuck with it and I must accept that things may take a little longer.. but with all the stress and worry of last week I still managed a 1.5 loss this week.

Perhaps if anyone comes up with any receipes perhaps we can share them xx
Hi Sarah Lou - my mum has suffered with M.E. quite severly for a period of time, and I have C.F.S. so I have bouts of illness here and there too - wondered what medication your dr had prescribed if you didn't mind me asking, is it Steroid medication or something else? I've tried a few different things to help with C.F.S (chronic fatigue syndrome) but not a lot really helps when the bouts happen, just lots of rest, strong painkillers, and a few very very hot baths, as I get very cold where my arms and legs really swell up. x

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Hi Sarah Lou,

I'm so glad you like the 810 thread. I was beginning to think I was the only one doing it :0)

My sis has CFS but mostly controls it by avoiding certain food and drink. It's mild but when she's tired she just has to sleep 'cause she can't function.

Even tho 810 is a slower loss, I still believe it's really good. We'll see at my next weigh in.

Good luck hun, keep in touch xxx
hi, really pleased to find other 810's. I started on 810 5 weeks ago, so am one of those rare CDieters who hasn't done sole source. I'm out a lot with work and 810 is more flexible for me. so far 22 pounds in 4 weeks so it seems to be working ok!

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Jode, Thats amazing!!!! I'm so pleased it can be done on 810....needed to hear that. I have tried SS before but it wasn't for me. I lead a busy life which is great but taking food out totally would have been a mare for me.

Thanks for posting, keep in touch please and let me know how you're doing. I'm only on my second week but have lost half a stone in week 1 so I'm happy. x
Good afternoon fellow 810'ers .. thanks for your warm welcome and advice.. I feel alot less stressed doing 810 and have finally stopped thinking about food all day long as at least i know at some stage I will be having my meal.. the loses look great.. crazy I have a cdc book, I will have a look later to see if anything about loses slowing down.. popping of now its tea time :D

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I was really chuffed today as my friend, who I see once a week, noticed I looked smaller. I joked about being short (5ft 1) and she said 'ha, no you've lost weight haven't you'. This is day 10 for me so it's early days, I was really pleased someone had noticed. She was really interested to know how I'm doing it and she was so supportive. Such a brilliant reaction from the norm! I've only told 4 people who I'm very close to and they have been brilliant. I only really talk about it tho with my bf as I don't want to bore others as I have done for years :0)

Just nice to know some people don't think we're bonkers doing CD. I love it, my hair is shiney, my eyes are bright and my skin is glowing.

Evening! I worried about family being non supportive, but actually they are just pleased I am losing, which makes me think perhaps they were more worried about my weight than they've said. Then again I do think a lot! is it just me that gets impatient for weigh in but also wants as long as poss before its weigh in time!

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