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where are you at the moment

I'm sat at home ignoring all the housework I need to do.:sigh: Just went to grab the post and got a lovely card from my C. I think she's a mindreader.:giggle:


Is a crunchy mama!
I'm home, on the sofa with the TV on Good food channel and me on minimins :D
im on a day off from work so sat on the sofa watching car booty waiting to leave the house and catch the train for my weekend away :) cant wait till 9:15 tonight I havent seen Mr G for 5 weeks because of our work schedules !!

Ooh and im drooling at 1 very nice looking fireman outside - there is 1 ambulance, 3 fire engines and 2 police vans next door they have had a fire :|


Will be thin god dammit!!
Work but as my Dad is away - I AM the boss!!!! Mwwaaarrghhh!


Will be thin god dammit!!
But think of the responsibility on my young shoulders! ;)


doesn't have a witty name
I'm at home, sat on the couch with my laptop on my knee, knitting at the side of me, and the Today Show on the television. S is sat beside me, laptop on knee, working hard. But I'm going to Starbucks in a few minutes to settle down with my knitting and a chai tea latte (non-fat) for a couple of hours and avoid the temptations of the kitchen...


Silver Member
(I :heartpump: Hugh Laurie as Gregory House). xx
Have to agree there. Can't beat house, or anything with HL in it in my opinion.

Back on thread, I am watching TV with the laptop on a table, and reading this forum - multitasking don't you love it.

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