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Where did my tummy go? And Cerulean wears her first bikini since 1988


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
For years I have dreaded doing shoulder stands in my yoga classes. My boobs always end up in my face and my tummy follows switfly behind.

Today I did a shoulder stand and my tummy was nowhere to be seen! I can actually suck my navel towards my spine!

Also - I took pictures of myself in a black bikini yesterday (I'm not sure posting them would be wise!) and although I look a bit poochy from the side and my bottom has gone a bit old ladyish in the last few weeks, I look pretty good! I probably wont be walking around in it, but lying down strategically in it to get my tummy brown is definitely a possibility. It's something I would never have contemplated a month or so ago!

At the moment I do have the sort of tummy that looks like I've had 3 kids (I've never had any!) But I think I may just about bounce back especially as my boobs have perked up no end in the last month. I hope my old lady bum does the same or I'm suing Lighter Life ;).

I've had a lovely morning. I cycled to the Virgin gym in Angel (I'm a Holmes Place memebr so we can now use most of Virgin's much nicer clubs) and did yoga and then I decided to have a nosey in the massive (for London) pool. And they have an amazing jacuzzi area the size of most swimming pools with different lagoons for lazing about in - and waterfalls and fountains. I felt very spoilt!

Three and a half hours til WI. I seem to have averaged about 6 pounds in 3 weeks which is definitely very slow and means that I haven't lost a stone this month. I'm okay with that as I know the inches have decreased massively - I think I'm not far off having a waist that measures in the 20s, and my hips and boobs are in the 30s. As I said last week - it's not about the numbers - I can't imagine ever thinking that I would be in a bikini during my holiday next week!
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Well done Sarah!!

I got my first bikini in years this week too (a white one would you believe!? :eek: ) and had some piccies taken of me wearing it today too.

I'm still debating whether to post them on my diary thread actually. Not because I think I look all that great in it (after losing 8 1/2 stone, the saggy thighs and flabby arms are all-too-obvious I'm afraid :sigh: ), but because it may help some people to know that having a bit of loose skin really isn't the worse thing that can happen - and losing weight is far better than not when all is taken into account ... :rolleyes:

As with you, I doubt I'll be walking around much in it - but I'm sure wearing it to lie down to sunbathe won't scare the horses or young children TOO much :)

Have a great holiday! :cool:


has lying hips
Very encouraging to hear all this talk of bikinis. I really want to get one - simply because I have never worn one in my life. It will need to be a real sucky-in-hoist-em-up affair and I won't be doing any running down the beach Pamela Anderson stylee.... I have **** loads of loose skin... :( But hopefully by the time I get anywhere near a beach I'll have toned up a bit.

Congrats to both of you for taking the plunge!

(Cerulean that pool sounds LUSH!!)


has started again!!
OMG!!:eek: What a fantastic post, from both you ladies!

This is so encouraging for those of us still near the start of our LL roads! I still have more weight to lose than I have already lost (see my next goal!) so, although I can see some pretty big changes at the mo, its great to hear how much better things are going to get!

I dont imagine I will ever be up for a bikini, having not worn one since I was about 7!! But.....I have bought a couple of new swimsuits, totally lovely, in a size 14, and a gorgeous new sarong to hide the wobbly bum, thighs, and tum, all ready for my summer hols! (Well, we have rented a villa with its own pool, so I dont think I will scare to many of the locals, maybe just a couple of lizards!!)

Well done you!!! Isnt life great!!!!!


Hopeful for the future
inspiring posts

Congratulations to you both on getting to a stage where you can buy a bikini - saggy skin or no. Both of you are so inspiring especially (as Sez said) as I'm just setting out on that journey.
I think you should post the photos Sharon, I love to see before and after photos as I'm hoping I may gather enough courage one day if (when?) I have some afters. No point now as it's too depressing for me at this stage.
Well done ladies .....:wavey:


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)

GG - the pool is amazing. I started swimming in it and then I thought 'I have to know what's in the spa area because it's huge' (it's downstairs from the pool but you can see the ceiling of it from the pool) so I managed about 4 lengths before my curiosity got the better of me!

Summer - glad you're taking the plunge too (and nice to know because people never really discuss getting their saggy bits out!) who knows - when we've toasted our bits a nice brown they may look smoother and sleeker anyway so it'll be worth scaring the lizards!

Sez! Hurrah! Us January LLers are really starting to see the big results now.

GG - the pool is amazing. I started swimming in it and then I thought 'I have to know what's in the spa area because it's huge' (it's downstairs from the pool but you can see the ceiling of it from the pool) so I managed about 4 lengths before my curiosity got the better of me!

And...I am contemplating putting the picture up of me in a bikini...just because we should embrace what we become and one of my biggest fears when starting the diet was 'WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BITS I'VE STRETCHED BEYOND RECOGNITION???' and nowhere on the internet could I find any evidence - in the LL publicity all the swimsuit shots and bikinis I can think of are or the ones who have lost between 3 and 4 stone.

So - who knows...I may just do it!

If I do it I might even post a picture of my naked tummy (JUST THE TUMMY) to show what a difference 4 months can make to someone who wouldn't even have got in a swimming pool in January.
Well done C!! Thats fab and great news from you both! Am worried about this as I have to go to the spa (my freebie dove one!) and havent worn a cossie since I started & am a bit worried about the whole skin thing as already got a pouch above my thighs - stomach still big but not as streatched as it was! Wont stop me doing it as being thin with loose skin infinately better than being fat & miserable! So a heartfelt from me....yes please photos from all!!(sorry that sounds v. kinky!!) - really would like to see the reality of the end results rather than the glossy version just for reassurance that I am not going to turn into a thinner version of jabba the hutt!!

Mrs Depp

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I wasn't brave enough to buy a bikini for our hols 2 weeks ago, but I did get a cossie from M&S which I actually wore to go swimming! Well, actually not swimming, 'cos I can't, but I did float around the pool watching the kids splashing around!

I can honestly say I'll never have the courage to wear a bikini but I did feel quite confident in my brown cossie even with my old lady bum and fat knees (they are bigger than my thighs!:confused: :eek: My legs look upside down!)


Just one day at a time
Well done.

i have quite a bit to go and i am also worried about my tummy.......stretch marks and loose skin.

i have been rubbing BioOil on it daily and fingers crossed it will do the trip.

CONGRATULATION all you Bikinni Clad LL Peeps. Get your pictures on here to show us all how it can be done :)


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Sarah that's a brilliant post, your positivity just shines through. Good on you for buying the bikini and yes I'd love to see the photos too.


Mrs Lard

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That is simply WONDERFUL! Congratulations!

Thanks for posting on my blog; your comments have really made me think over the past few days and I WILL respond. But, in the meantime, I just had to say hello and how inspirational your posts have been. They really have been and I know others feel the same.

Post the photos! For all the right reasons!

Hope you are still feeling on top form; you deserve to!

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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