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  1. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    Firstly thank u to everyone for their advice about this diet and answering my many questions!!!
    I have decided to give it a go and counting today aa my last day of ss (CD) and my first day of juddd asy DD!

    So im 23 a mum of 2, started at 15st 6lbs back at end of april and today i weigh in at 12st 6lbs. 3 stone lighter! And gone frm a size 18 to a 12-14.
    My original goal was 11st 7 lbs but ideally id love to be 10st something.... Even if its 10st 13.5 i cant imagine ever seeing the 10s!! But 8weeks ago i couldnt have imagine seeing the 12s either lol!!!

    Im getting married next June so something to focus on.
    The support on CD was great And it looks just as awesome here. I cant wait to hop on board the juddd bus - this is my diary!!!!

    My transformation so far : .....

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  3. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    Hiya welcome to juddd =) your transformation so far is amazing!
  4. Greeneyes11

    Greeneyes11 Gold Member

    Hiya. Welcome to this side of the forum and good luck.
  5. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    Thank you - i really hope this works - i need to get my head around the fact im not gonna b having 6lb losses anymore (not that iv had one that big in weeks!!!) x
  6. bajoleth

    bajoleth Gold Member

    Well done so far, you have done brilliantly, I can understand your worry after losing so much weight but I am sure you will do really well on Juddd too x
  7. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    Yeah of course! Iv put myself through hell to lose 3st id be gutted to gain some back :( im fully prepared for a slight gain tho with swapping diets so hopefully il have jt all under control in a few days time :)
  8. bajoleth

    bajoleth Gold Member

    Also I wouldn't recommend daily weighing if you are going to be affected by the gains, I daily weigh as I am fascinated by the way my body reacts , I gain after nearly every UP day but because that 'gain' never shows on me and because I know it will be gone the following day after a DD it doesn't bother me in the least, but it does bother some, what you are looking for is the official weigh in which should show an overall loss. Juddd is a very individual thing, some of us gain after every UP but then lose after every DD, some sts after an UP and lose after a DD, some have gained after DD and lost after UPs its that random, but as I say Its the official weigh that counts, in all the weeks I have done Juddd for I have never gained on an official weigh in , I have had some STS but never a gain, how I manage that some weeks is beyond me as I have some very UP UP days but its fact . Just wanted to give you a heads UP in case you are a daily weigher, don't want you to panic x
  9. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    Thanks for thr advice :)
    Yes i am often a daily weigher.. But my official weigh in day is always a set day (thursday) but some days il be 3lb lighter in the mornin than the evening so im not to bothered bout how much it moves about - i only record the official weigh in date!
    My DD was fine :) 2cd shakes and a cd bar 3L of water and feel fine! X
  10. bajoleth

    bajoleth Gold Member

    I think you are going to be just fine on Juddd x
  11. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    Well ive just had my final weigh in for cd and i am 12st 4.5lbs.

    So starting weight 12st 4.5lbs
    Waist 31"
    Hips 40"
    Bust 34"
    Legs 24"
    Arms 12"

    Not atall hungry yet! Weird!!!! Gonna have a bacon sarnie tho :)
  12. lumpyandbumpy

    lumpyandbumpy Silver Member

    hello! how are you finding your first JUDDD day?! i had my last official CD weigh in last night and lost 2lbs, taking me to 9st so just hanging above the 8s at the mo! my consultant was happy with me starting JUDDD, she said its trial and error for me now and that its best to see what works for me from here on. she also said that she'll still weigh me for as long as i need to during the initial transition as i'll still be using my CD shakes for DDs. ive booked to see her in 2 weeks time as i'll need more shakes then and also didnt want to weigh next week as i think i'll gain initially so wanted to give myself more time to adjust. i havent eaten yet as im still full from my naughty binge last night but im having an all day breakfast lunchtime in the pub so very excited for that!

    how was ur bacon sarnie?? x
  13. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    Its not going to plan yet..... I cant get out of my head that im aloud to eat, think cambridge is very damaging to your thoughts about food, i cant seem to understand that yes!! Im aloud to eat something its madness!!!
    So far iv managed a banana and 1L of water! Im so scared ffs!!!
    So unhealthy i need to man up and realise that even if i do gain at first so what?!! Iv gone nearly 4mnths with losses or at worst a sts!

    How u finding things? Cor i cant imagine ever being dwn to 9 stone well done u :)
    Enjoy ur brekkie :) x
  14. lumpyandbumpy

    lumpyandbumpy Silver Member

    i feel the same as you, cambridge does make you paranoid about food its ridiculous! not healthy for long term as we have to eat to survive! the way i see it is i'll prob gain initially but i cant dwell on it because i have to go back to a normal way of eating eventually and for me JUDDD seems like the ideal solution! the only thing is until i start seeing the results i.e. scales loss, inch loss and looser clothes after doing Juddd for a few weeks, i wont be able to evaluate it properly so for now it is a big leap of faith but one i hope will pay off for us!!

    be brave and face your fear and have a decent sized lunch, im off for my brekkie in a bit, cant wait!! x
  15. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    Its crazy really isnt it!!! Im gonna struggle to eat 2000 cals i know it - i get full up on a shake!!! Im
    In the middle of cooking lunch
    A chicken kebab - iv marinated a chicken breast in cajun spice and diced it,
    Using a 50/50 pocket for my pitta bread and filled with salad.
    Shouldnt b too calorific i dont think?
    What it all boils down to now - im scared of eating! CD is mentally very dangerous lol!!
  16. yoga84

    yoga84 Gold Member


    I felt the same two weeks ago when I swopped over from CD but I have to say I soon got back into the swing of eating on UDs lol! It's great to enjoy food again and not feel guilty about it :)
  17. lumpyandbumpy

    lumpyandbumpy Silver Member

    ive just come back from my all day breakfast, omg im sooooo full!! defo a good thing tho coz i hope this feeling means i wont revert back to overeating when i do get into the swing of juddd. for dinner im having pasta bake with some chips on the side then cheesecake but not sure if ill finish it all. an hours exercise after work now will help me feel less naughty eating this lovely food!!
  18. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    Ahhh what a good day for u!!
    Im havin a real struggle...iv felt sick all afternoon, and really tired hoping it just the introduction of food but iv hardly eaten anythin - and im certainly not on target for 2000 cals :/
  19. bajoleth

    bajoleth Gold Member

    What have you had to eat today hun?
  20. littlemumma

    littlemumma Gold Member

    A bloody poor effort :(
    A banana, a homemade kebab of chicken breast a 50/50 pocket and salad
    A small portion of quorn mince spag bol ( 75g pasta, 3 tbls quorn/sauce)
    And a cupcake with icing.

    Im out tonight with a friend so will have a couple of drinks i think to get calories up!
    Im really lookin forward to my DD!!
    What is wrong with me?!!!
    Is there no point in doin this diet if i dont eat 2000! I can prob manage 1500-1800 but i dont wana force feed for the sake of it, iv really gone off eating because of stupid shakes! :(
  21. bajoleth

    bajoleth Gold Member

    Stick with it hun , if you can get to 1800 for the first few ups then I am sure your appetite will increase, stop thinking low cal hun and start thinking healthy, a big bowl of fresh carrot and coriander soup with a wholemeal roll would be about 500 cals thats not crispd or chips, some chicken and savoury rice or cous cous would be about 400 cals maybe more depending on your serving size, its not so difficult when you stop and think, do you like Muesli, thats really quite high in cals for something healthy. Whatever you do hun you have got to get yourself off those shakes you can't live your life without food :(

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