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  1. wnt2bslm

    wnt2bslm Member

    hey everyone :)

    when i was growing up i remember looking at pics of myself and hating them because i was over weight, when i hit 14 i was in a size 18 bottoms and 16 top, i hated it!! i went and got all my hair cut off really short and lost weight, i went down to 10stone and was a size 12 bottoms and 8/10 on top, at this point in my life i still thought i was fat and hated myself.
    i am now 21, i have a 1 year old daughter with my wonderful boyfriend, but over our (nearly) 4 years together we have both put on weight, and since having my daughter its got worse!!!
    i am now in a size 18 bottoms, and they are getting tighter :( and a 16 top (my boobs dont help, i still breastfeed my daughter and my boobs are now a 38dd)

    i REALLY REALLY want to lose my weight, i would love to get back to 10 stone but i really dont know which diet to do,
    in my ideal world i would do LL or CD, but we are skint and just cant afford that, even weight watchers prices are pushing it for me, so i need something i can follow without going to groups etc but could do with lots of support!


    thanks in advance xx
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    Hi there and welcome

    i know what you mean about the cost of things and dieting on a budget can be tough, unless you are cunning about it...

    there are many ways that you can eat sensibly and healthily for not much quids....

    i've noticed the massive price difference with numerous items across the supermarkets, near me we have the whole range of selections, sainsbury tesco asda waitrose morrison lidl aldi netto co-op and the main ones are really going to town with competing for the healthy food cash

    i'll give one example, in morrisons the cost of broccoli compared to tesco/sainsburys was almost half, and mushrooms the story was similar, also fruit theres a right price war now on the standard quality of all the big names

    with a bit of hunting around you can save a fortune, another thing to consider is most of them have offers to but meat in 3 lots for £10, we get those and portion them up and freeze them, like lean mince beef and chicken breasts and pork loins

    this time of year is ideal for stews and caseroles, you can make a huge meal for only a couple of pounds and what we do is have the left over stew/caserole the day after with a jacket potato also remembering that with stews you can get away with the cheapest of cuts of meat, we use beef shin and its really gorgeous!!!!

    also another thing to factor in is that if you are going on a healthy eating regime then you can, if you have them i don't know, take off the costs of takeaways as they can be expensive

    over and above that you are correct that support is fundemental in your success and it sounds like you get that from your other half so thats a big step in the right direction

    anyway that's my twopenneth..

    best of luck with it all and theres is definately a lot of support and hints and tips around here if you hunt around

    take care

    jay ;)
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  4. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Hi and welcome. It doesn't have to cost a lot. Have a visit to your local library. There's often diet and cookery books there.

    Would also be worth writing down everything you both eat over a week and see what you can change.

    Good luck
    Irene xx
  5. wnt2bslm

    wnt2bslm Member

    thank you :) i had a word with my boyfriend and he has offered to pay for me to go to slimming world after xmas :) hopefully then i can join all you lovely people with your amazing weight losses!
  6. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Perhaps you could buy a copy of the latest SW magazine and it will give you a bit of an insight.

    Irene xx
  7. sassie

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    Slimming World
    What a lovely BF! SW is great and everyone here is really supportive so you won't be alone and we'd love you to join us! :)
  8. hopeless

    hopeless New Member


    I'm happy you're getting support from your bf. Congratulations for your baby!!

    You know, if you're really set on losing weight, you will lose. I'd advise you not to try to lose it too fast, because on my own experience, it always meant to put it back on and some more. It's very stressful to try to lose weight in a hurry.

    Take your time, try to make changes you can really live with in the long run. Changes that will benefit your whole small family (you say your bf put weight on too...). Radical changes won't work for long and you'll feel frustrated. Learn about food, the things you like, and try to adapt things, like cooking more low fat, snacking on less cal stuff.

    The internet has a wealthy of information. I'd start writing down the food I normally eat and then think of a way to make changes (however small they may be) in order to be able to continue to eat it, don't go hungry, and lose weight.

    After a while, if you see you can live happily with the changes, go a bit further and change some more. If you find the food became tasteless, change back and try something else.

    For instance: you can eat the same things you're having now, but decrease the quantities of the fattening things and, in order not to go hungry, pile up your dish with aubergines cooked with no fat and lots of spices. Or courgettes, or mushrooms.

    If you're a chocaholic (my sin), try to avoid having chocs everyday. Every other day to start with, then on the third day, etc. I'm trying this myself. It's difficult for me and I relapse, but I'm already having less chocs (big victory for me).

    I wish you all the best. Don't be too hard on yourself and, whatever you do, don't go hungry. Have always something at home that will crush your hunger without piling up on your hips/thighs.

    I'm a compulsive snacker (in front of TV), and I've discovered I'm quite happy snacking on raw peppers with a dip made with 3% fat, yogurt based, and a bit of ketchup. I'll still snack on fatty stuff, but at least less often.

    With this small change, I've lost 1 pound over the week. It's not much, but it's something I know I can live with, hopefully for the rest of my life.

    Good luck!! You already seem to have the most important thing in life: love. The rest will come.
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