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where do I start

Ive been a size twelve(a decade ago) but only with the aid of dodgy meds,
now Im nineteen stone and eight and half pounds,
Im not tall(5ft3 on a good day and only if I stretch),
my mental health is pooh
and increasingly my physical healthis rubbish too,
I have heart probs that would probably lessen if I was smaller,
I need surgery on my leg because of a chronic sore,
but thats not gonna happen anytime soon with my bmi,
docs want me to have an mri scan,
and Im scared I wont fit!
So I have joined SlimmingWorld in the hope I can eventually look like a normal human being,
it would be nice to lose the insults I receive on a daily basis,
it would be nice to wear nice clothes,
to not feel like a monster,
so less of poor me,
and more of Im gonna change things.
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Well done on joining SW. I am 5 ft 3 in and started my weight loss journey heavier than you. We can do this.

When you have a lot to lose it is better to think of mini targets rather than the whole amount to lose. So you could make your 1st mini target to either lose a stone or get down into the next stone.

Come and start a diary thread in the SW section and I know you will get lots of support and encouragement from the others

Good luck

Irene xx
Thank you,
Im aiming for the first stone,
anything more than that seems overwhelming,
I can lose weight but keeping it off is another issue!


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Hiya, the DR wanted me to have an MRI and I had the same felling you did, will I fit, what if I get stuck!! all that stuff went through me head but I had to get it done as I needed to know what was going on inside me.

Well I needn't have worried, when you get there they weigh you and check you details. and then ask you to take off any metal stuff (jewellery etc.). I wore my own clothes as I had no intention of wearing one of their gowns so I made sure none of my clothing had metal (had to take off my bra because of the fastening at the back because I planned my visit I was comfortable and felt in control.

I'm claustrophobic and that was the only part that got to me but they give you a thing to press if you need help. They were so nice, none judgmental (about my size) and made sure I was kept updated about how much longer I had to go (I was in it for 45 mins) and made sure I felt safe all the time.

So my advice is go for it what have you got to lose it will give you peace of mind.

Hope this helps and good luck we all come on this site wondering if we can actually lose the weight (this time) but if you look around you will see so many success stories, so join in and have fun!! :D


size 14 here I come
First off *hugs* you can do this! wishing you all the luck hun xx
good luck hun and don`t give up
thank you for all the kind replies.
SW plan is easy to follow,
but Im concerned that I wont lose weight,
it seems like you can eat a lot of food?
but then again I had a packet of quavers and nearly dropped when I read their syn value,
keeping a food diary is helping too.

Lucky Cat

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Hi Brainsprain,

Good for you for taking the bull by the horns and joining SW! Never having done SW myself I can't really comment on it, but loads of people on here seem to do fabulously on it, so it must be good! I'm sure you will lose weight and you're right to just look at it a stone at a time. You don't say what your mental health issue is (and I'm not prying), but if it's anything like mine (depression), you will find that losing weight will help that in a massive way too. My friends have commented to me that I don't seem to have as many lows these days, which I think is down to a combination of feeling happier with myself and more confident as I'm slimmer now and the oodles of exercise I do.

With a bit of hard work and determination, you can do it!! Good luck!
hiya brainsprain youre in the right place for support, we know how it feels to have such a long road ahead, i have about 9/10 stone to lose and its scary to think of it that way so i'm breaking it down into chunks. in my head i can't believe i'll ever lose it but in my heart i know i have to. ive been overweight for so long i can't believe that even if i eat well i'll ever be anything other than big. anyway im rambling. best of luck, sw is a fab plan x


wants a dancer's body.
Hello Brainsprain, I've about the same to lose as you in terms of BMI. I think one good thing that has clicked for me this time is not obsessing about what I'm not allowed to eat and what I'm losing (all negative connotations) but instead do things that help you (positive activity). For example, 2000 steps is a mile, you could aim to walk a mile this week and make one recipe involving fresh veg and fish this week. This is empowering yourself and will boost your confidence as well as help your body out and put another tick on the list of the things you can do. All the best! One day at a time, just take one meal, one day at a time! :D


wants a dancer's body.
Eugh, just to clarify I don't mean eat one meal a day, sorry! Just that focussing on each meal as it comes, don't think about tomorrow, just focus on today and tomorrow will come when it comes, just eat well now and all the nows add up to a nourished you longterm. Hugs!
Thank you everyone for all the lovely replies.
I have long term mental healthprobs,and know that at least one med I take can make you pile the weight on,
though to be honest I have become so heavy because of my addiction to crisps and cheese(red wine too)
I have been walking every day,its only a little over a mile but its a start.

It took me a long time to get to this size
so I have to accept that it will take a while to lose it all.
I hope I get there in the end.
Hi and well done for joining SW. You've made a huge first step. This time next week you will be lighter than you are today:D. I started my journey with a lot to lose and I just think of the next half stone, never the big picture - it's just too daunting. I love the challenges on here and the support. We're all in this together.
4lbs lost,
feeling more positive,
though that might be helped by my treat of vodka and diet coke,
spending afternoon with grandkids tomorrow so might burn off a little more.
This forum has really helped me through the past week.
Well done - that's a really good loss. Bet you are feeling pleased with yourself - and rightly so. Have fun with the grand-kid.

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