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Where do you all get your .....

....... kitchen inspiration from??

I've been looking through the recipe section and am really amazed by some of the recipes you think up .... I just have no imagination whatsoever.

Do you look through recipe books or websites and then adapt them to SW friendly or do they just pop into your head??

Has it taken lots of experimentation to get it right?

My OH is a fab cook so if there's any entertaining to be done, he does the cooking, I do the mid-week meals but they're usually pretty basic (meat and veg, curry, spag bol etc) so I'm looking for some more 'staples' that I can do during the week but my imagination has hit a brick wall.

So, where do you get your recipe inspiration from? (and can you give me some please)! lol

J x
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I buy BBC good food, olive, delicious to name a few foodie mags and cook most meals from them just changing the oil for fry light and not using butter when required!

I have an abundance of cook books, including numerous SW ones and use those too. Oh and every time the SW mag comes out (new one next week guys) I cook just about everything out of that too!!!


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I'm a bit the same, give me a chicken breast, herbs, stock, rice and an onion and you get chicken and rice, with a stock drink and the onion in the bin, give them to my Mum and she makes chick la blah blah blah and its yummy! I'm quite lucky in that respect.

I do sometimes grab some tins, some frozen bits and some fresh bit, heat a pan with frylight, stand the otherside of the kitchen and chuck stuff at it and see what happens! And every now and then you get something good :D
I've lost count of the number of times I've thrust a pan of 'stuff' under OH's nose as soon as he's walked in and pleaded for him to 'dooo something with it' because its all gone horribly wrong!! lol


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I tend to always stick to the same foods too:eek:

Have made a big pot of quorn chilli for tonight, and going to have it with rice, jackets pots, home doritos over the next few days:eek:


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I know exactly what you mean. I'll tell you what I made yesterday and just made some more. The plan was tomato soup. So I got a saucepan, frylighted it, soften some onion in it then bung in a tin of toms, some salt, peper, and few other herbs heat threw then add some stock (I meant to add vegetable stock but we didn't have any so used chicken stock) simmered for an hour or so, then blitzed together and I have red chicken soup! It's nice as a soup -or- as a pasta sauce!


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I have 20 something cook books! I really am trying to change my ways and cook something from them! I usually try some of the recipes in the magazine, then I play safe with chilli, chops, casseroles etc. BUT, I have 4 slow cooker books, one is a curry and spicy dishes one and I'm working my way thru it! (you know how you do 2 recipes from a book!) This one I've done about 10 from and they've all been delish! Some I have to syn because of the coconut milk :eek: and it's HIGH syns! But worth it! Low fat coconut milk just doesn't cut the mustard! But some are just lots of different spices which are free.
Other times I just adjust the recipes to SW so they are synfree. But variety is the key! Never let yourself get bored.


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Same as above, just experiment a little, but look at recipes as well and substitute frylight for the oil.

Tonight for example I wasn't sure what to do but we had 2 chicken breasts that needed eating. I ended up mixing together laughing cow, garlic, basil, salt, pepper and cooked chopped bacon to make a filling. Then I flattened my chicken breasts and spread the cheesey mix onto it, and folded/rolled it up. I used metal skewers to keep the filling inside, then covered them with foil in the oven and cooked for about 15 mins and they were lovely. Really moist and very tasty.

A bit like chicken kiev without the breadcrumbs. They would have also been nice wrapped in bacon I think, and maybe with some cooked onion in the filling.
My dad is Sicilian and mum was a home ec teacher who knows how to do all the basics really well, so I had a good grounding! I can make classic Italian favourites and have to admit, I'm pretty good at throwing random stuff from the cupboard into a pan and it turning out great! I use cook books, always look stuff up online- there's usally an ingredient I want to base a recipe round then search the net.
I eat a lot of fish & chicken, I usually add spices to get the flavours I am after.... Lime Juice (the jif one is fine) and chillis are my staples...

I also buy a huge jar of Cajun Spices from Makro (the Schwartz 1 last 2 times and is relatively expensive), and lemon Pepper.... These are fantastic on Salmon, chicken & Steak....

Build up a large dried Spice collection & a small herb garden and then mess about with some dry rubs... fantastic. And a great way to play about with flavours and educate your palate...

I have also just purchased th SW curry feast book... made the vindaloo tonight and the OH loved it... there are loads of things to try in it

Bon Apetit



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I must admit I'm hankering after the SW curry book! How do I sneak it in without OH noticing?:rolleyes:


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It's quite yummy! This batch tastes like tomato soup, and that was the idea so hurray! I suppose you can use the tined toms as a bulk or thickener and just over power the flavour with stock!
I must admit I'm hankering after the SW curry book! How do I sneak it in without OH noticing?:rolleyes:
If he likes curries say you were buying it for him... My OH adores them and that is what I said to him.... he didn't realise it was SW until last night after eating it and now wants something everyweek from it.

It is fantastic... If you have a fav let me know and I will type it up sometime, if this is permissable



I think if you have a looksie in the recipe section and any you like, copy and paste into word, you soon have a recipe book!
Thats what i done when i first started coming on here, then they was all printed laminated and poped into a big folder in my kitchen. Id be sooo lost without it now as it has all my fav meals in thanks to minimins :D
Brilliant, thanks very much everyone .... we have loads of herbs and spices and I grow my own herbs too, its just knowing which go with which ........OH always gets it right, I just end up throwing stuff away ..... but I presume the key here is perseverance (and maybe a good memory as to what ended up tasting vile the last time)! lol

I've copied quite a few recipes into word ... now I just have to remember to take them home with me! lol

Thanks again for all your ideas.

J x

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