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where do you get?

vecon from, I looked in tesco tonight but to tell the truth didn't have a clue what I was looking for either, I looked near the bovril and oxo stock cube bit but couldn't see it and wasn't sure what it looked like either. Also what is scan bran and where would I find it. Thanks so much and soz for being thick, I will get the hang of this I promise xx
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You can get vecon at health food stores mainly. Word of warning, it smells awful but once it's in the pot it's no different to any other stock, it's quite salty and does the job perfectly, especially as it's free!


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If you're not vegetarian you can substitute the Vecon for chicken Bovril. Although, if you're like me and live out in the sticks it'll probably hard getting hold of chick Bovril too. Neither my Local Tesco's or Somerfield stock it.
oh I was so lucky as the localish tesco had both chicken and beef bovril and our big one in the other town has it too. Not sure of the local supermarkets, co-op and sommerfields as hardly use them.
I never have a problem getting Beef Bovril, BUT Chicken Bovril, well you would think it was gold dust or something :sigh: lol.

Stocked at the mo but dreading finding it again when I run out :D


Reached Target. woohoo
I will have to buy extra and nip down to Fife on motorbike to supply you lol
I'll come with you hun, weathers good enough. lol xxx
I can only find chick bov in morrison's now. I tend to buy 4 or 5 jars at a time!


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I buy vecon and scanbran in Holland & Barrats. If you are like me, and live in the sticks I stock up as the nearest to me is in Glasgow city centre.
yep you use it instead of stock cubes. Or of course if you love it you can have it as drink or on toast etc but I stick to using it for stock lol.