where do you lose first????


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Mine is my waist and then face. Belly is taking ages tho! :D


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I lost my weight from top to bottom so face first for me .Had fat feet till near the end of my journey lol:8855:


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Face, legs and bums first for me. Round the middle last (well, it's not gone yet...better keep going! lol!)

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Yup...face and arms!! (No more bingo wings for me!!) Lol


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My face and thighs!!

Belly starting to go and hips eventually ffs! xxx


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I lose my (already pretty darned non-existent) boswams. Think it all falls down onto my arse, which never bloody disappears!!!


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it seems to have gone from everywhere.............but not my boobs..even had to have my weddin ring made smaller....and my feet are a size smaller now..........


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My face starts to show it first... then my waist. Eventually a bit from my belly and hips and boobs. I'm fairly curvaceous so it's difficult to tell really. No straight lines anywhere! But my jeans are definitely starting to go baggy up top. My thighs seem to be holding fast at the moment though!! I joke that it's all muscle. A friend of mine replied to that once saying, "You must be able to run about 60-70 mph!" LOL!