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Where do you put your scales?

As you know I keep my scales at my parents, as I cant be trusted to have them in the house :)

Since Im early shift tomorrow I usually pop down to my mum & dads at my break to weigh myself but its a mad rush & besides I prefer to do my wi as soon as I get up.

SO I brought my scales home tonight. I weighed myself when I left my mum & dads and weighed myself when I got in, Depending where in the bathroom I put the scales they showed a difference of up to 4lbs!!! Im really shocked.

When Im at my parents I weigh myself in the kitchen as its tiled and put my scales on a particular tile every single time. Does everyone else have a specific place to put the scales or do you just put them any old place in the bathroom?? Im amazed at the difference the scales showed.
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The batteries need replacing in mine, but I have purposely not replaced them, as I am a bit of a scales junkie.

I agree that it does make a difference where they are placed and I found up to half a stone difference by moving them around. When they were in use, I also had a special spot for them, but only after careful investigation to find the lightest spot in the bathroom. :)
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Ha, glad I'm not the only one Starlight! I keep my scales in the downstairs toilet because it has laminate flooring and i trust it better than carpet. I always make sure I line them up on a certain strip of wood because I've had fluctuations depending on where I put them! :)


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Nearly got a divorce last week as hubby had moved my scales I had a right paddy about it :eek:.Dont think he will move them again :D


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:eek: My scales are in my living room! I know I know! ... but i just cant bring myself to move them! .... I step on in the mornings most afternoons and somtimes before i go to bed ! :eek:

Im so bad! xx


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im worse,,,, i have ww scales and because my bf lives 24 miles away we have got a cut of bit of wood and we place scales on that, even if they here in my bathroom or there in his bathroom... we still use the peice of wood,
mad i know but its working,,,
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My scales were in the bathroom. Thy varied enormously if they were moved and inch - and I had to pull them out from the wall to get on them !

The whole bathroom floor is uneven. I could get a 6lb variation in the bathroom.

The hall and kitchen floor are also uneven (there have been tiles down there at some point - then some pervious owner has laid stick on lino type tiles on top !)

As if the variations in the bathroom weren't bad enough - I took the scales upstairs and although the reading seems to be fairly constant - it gave a good bit higher reading.

I started going from the bedroom scale reading - which meant a couple of bad weeks until my weight dropped to similar readings I was getting down stairs.

I'm always wary though if I stand on the scales upstairs and get a higher reading... normally, if I get off the scales. shake them and get back on again.... I'm more likely to get a correct reading. THey'll then be fine for a few times and need a shake again !?!

They are weight watchers scales....


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Mine are in a high cupboard in my bedroom that needs a ladder to get at them.:)

They will come down in the morning for week 2 weigh in and then go straight back up there!!! I don't need to see all the fluctuations in between during the week....been there done that and not good for me:D
Mine are in the kitchen!!!!!!! and when I weigh myself I do it 3 times in different places to make sure, it fluctuates by 2lbs, I always take the lowest reading ;)
Scales should always be on a hard surface to get the most accurate reading. Think about GP's surgery - they always stand them on a piece of wood.

Mine - just thinking about hurling them through a window actually!


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HA HA HA I hide mine in my airing cupboard and cover them in towels as if I saw them everytime I opened the door I would be on and off them constantly!

I weigh myself in the bathroom but depending where I place them I can gain anyrthing upto 5 lbs!

Seriously i wish i had the will power to only get on them once a week. It's crazy i get so disheartened when they havent changed etc.
Im seriously thinking of getting my dad to hide them away in his safe and get them out once a week!
My scales are in the kitchen - I weigh myself first thing in the morning, after I've had a wee and on the exact same tile (I mean I put the scales on the exact same tile, not that I pee on the exact same tile, heehee). I still get on and off them 3 times. Usually, being that they're always in the same place, I get 3 readings the same, but occasionally I get 2 different readings. When that's happened in the past it's always been 2 the same and then an odd one, so I just take the one that comes up twice.

I keep them in the kitchen for 2 reasons - 1) because it's a tiled floor (but then so is my bathroom) and 2) because it's a bit of a hassle having to come downstairs in the nuddy to weigh in, so I can rarely be bothered to do it more than once a week, which is good, because when they're in the bathroom I'm on and off them every morning!!

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