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where is everybody??????


Queen of the Damned
It has been quiet on here - think with the kids going back to school everyone is readjusting their schedules :)
Thats fabtastic well done!!!

I know my routine has been thrown out with kids going back to school - i also have so much housework to do it's unbelievable!!!

Well done again and keep at it. I will be back on the unit diet when i've lost most of my weight with CD. x
Kind of doing a bit of ww a bit of units a bit of kcal counting and end up eating rubbish!! I wish i could just make a decision and stick with it I love the idea of units but struggle as its new and nobody knows much about it plus i keep putting food in to the log eg fish and it does not know the units and i have not got the NV's as its from the monger so I am having to guess how are you doing?
I am ok, kinnda stickin to units but not strictly, at docs on fri to see if i can get some sort of help,hubby thinks it could be something medical why i cant loose so will just have to wait and see,been lookin into cd but it scares me.Have you not thought about cd or ll,i am really considering it.
I did CD last year got to goal then went on honeymoon for 3 weeks and put it all back on again sice then i have gained an extra 2 stone so want to lose it a more conventional way this time as hopefully this will help me when it comes to maintenance. Good luck at the docs x

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