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Where is everyone?

I'm here now :D Been out all day lol!
Woohoo! Im not alone! ha ha! :D
I've just thought, I bet it does seem quiet on here for you jolinaar, as if you come on in the evenings, we'd all be tucked up in bed sleeping soundly as would be the wee hours (unless we can't sleep that is lol).
Yes it does! LOL :)) OH well!

What time is everyone on? We are EST..... Right now its lunch time here! 12:20.... What time is it where yall r at?
It's 5.30pm here :)
Ok... so you are a couple of hours ahead of us. :)
Yes east coast is 5 hours behind, west coast is 8 hours behind :)
I keep seeing the title of this thread
and I keep wanting to answer the question

I am sat on my sofa :):)

I'm in my living room, thinking I should really get off minimins and go and have a shower, but too cold lol! Although hot shower will be nice, getting out won't be!
Put some love in it from me :)
Oh I will do - as I think it such a wonderful thing for a three year old to ask for

I am sat on the sofa (again not still)
ready for work and in my new boots
so where is everyone else - hopefully you are all having lie ins being a saturday
I just about to go off shopping. Never get much of a lie in as my daugther is always up early! Boys were at nanny's last night so had to go out earlier than normal to go and collect ds2 so he could go football training, which is 9-10am on a Saturday. So did that, came home, my mum has just popped in with ds1, and now gonna leave kids with hubby and have a bit of peace at supermarket lol! Lovely day here today, better than yesterday!!
Gettin rdy to head out to the store! :)
well I am now back home cooking my dd dinner and sat on the sofa
I do do other things honest - its just my lappy is next to the sofa and its the most comfortable place to be :)

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