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Where is the sun ????


Lovin it !!! :)

started SW last night = did start a members only diary a few days ago but not really had much response - really need some encourangement & hope to post the boring ups n downs of my sw life and any other interesting facts lol - so decided to start a new diary on here

see how it goes - best of luck to all and everyone x
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Trying again!!!
Hi and welcome Fitz, it's great having another diary to read on here. Looking forward to hearing how you get on, good luck with your first week xx


Lovin it !!! :)

Thankyou for the reply

Yesterday went ok - didnt feel hungry & had to eat extra to make my sins up last night - I know I didnt have to do this, but I want to try & have consistent amount every day & do find its prudent to eat everything I am allowed to as I will then have something to cut back on if the weight loss slows.

Had a very interesting day apart from SW, I am a volunteer for Eating Disorders Assoc & had a meeting last night. Anyway, I was the only person who turned up & it turned into me having a brief chat with the supervisor & then basically getting a free councilling session !!! It was so worthwile, found out that I am sooo in the wrong job and he did recommend that I have further official councelling to address some issues I have with regards to confidence etc - won't go into details here.

It was prob the most rewarding meeting I have ever had - certainly given me things to think about, jobs to look for, etc etc

Will be doing a bit of research this weekend.

Back to SW - I have the most dreadful noisy tummy - can't think its the change of diet so soon - really bloated & windy - its GROSS !!!!

Hope it settles down soon as otherwise it will get embarrassing !

Hope everyone has a good friday - be back later.x



Lovin it !!! :)
Had an ok day - gotta friend coming for tea.

Hope everyone has had a good day.

welcome Fitz, i'll be popping in from time to time to encourage you but also because im a nosey so and so lol. You'll enjoy SW, i do :)


Lovin it !!! :)
Hi everyone

Irene - yes I joined a class on Wednesday - the lady who takes the class said she is happy to boot anyone's booty if they get slack - just what I need lol

Today, I have to work 9-1 - only have to do this every 12 weeks but I am having baked beans & scrambled egg now before I go to see how long I stay full for.

Then of to town for a mosey round the shops.

Am having issues with an ex so feeling grrrrrr - not going to comfort myself with food though as tbh I'm eating so much on SW I feel like I'm being naughty anyway lol

Bev x


Lovin it !!! :)
hello everyone

having a green day today - I think - I keep getting confused what day I'm having

Went to city for a browse but it was so humid and I was feeling so bloated (all the fruit & veg maybe ? ) I came home, am feeling like I have gained a stone my tummy is so big - hoping this is just the reaction to changing my eating patterns, am off to make a big salad with feta cheese for tea - just started feeling peckish so now is the time lol

Am trying to ignore traditional times and eat my meals when I feel hungry regardless of the time - whatever it is

Hope everyone is having a good SW day
Bev x


Lovin it !!! :)
hello - welcome everyone to sunday

sun is shining, i'm up early, not decided what day to have today - thinking maybe a red day.

Have loads to do today - also am looking forward to a day of eating ! I mean in relation to vlcd which I couldnt get back into this time round - have to say I am enjoying eating and looking things up online etc - its all very interesting.

What is everyone else eating today ?


Lovin it !!! :)
well - here I am again

didnt get half done what I wanted to - mainly because I spent time in the deck chair lol

decided on an EE day after all, although I have eaten loads today - free stuff - not had hardly any sins so far so I have a curly wurly lined up for later - yum yum:D

having a sort of mixed grill for tea - quorn sausages - small piece of steak - bacon - jkt pot & peas - can't wait - I feel like I am being soooo naughty - I took a sneaky peak at the scales this morning & by mine they have gone down 5lb !! I know this is no indication to what will happen on wednesday as all scales are different and I may retain water by then - all I know is - I feel better, I am eating loads and I am sure I will have a loss of some kind - whatever it is.

Hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine - it has been glorious

Bev x


Gold Member
that's great news - you're doing SO well! well done you! :D xxxx


Lovin it !!! :)
thanx Beki :)

I will reserve judgement until wednesday night weigh in though - just in case lol - just hope this bloated feeling goes - and the wind lol oops TMI

had massive tea again - jkt pot, hooooge salad & cottage cheese with sweetcorn - cant fit my dessert of strawberries and a muller in yet - and.......only had 5 syns so far today - if I lose 3lb or more this week then I will jump up and down and kiss everyone as I have eaten sooooo much this week:D


Lovin it !!! :)
thanx weemo

popped to tesco after work and picked up a couple of bits - bought some tesco own kit kat bars thinking they were 2 finger ones - they are 4 finger packets @ 10.5 syns !!! have to save them for a super good day when I don't have any other syns lol :D DOH


Slow but sure....
You could always split them Fitz and save two fingers for another time, or is that to much of a temptation? We have to be so focused don't we, no wonder our halo's shine!!!...I'm so glad you are enjoying SW.


Lovin it !!! :)
save 2 fingers for another time Donnie........hmmmm - whats that all about :D:D:D:D:D:D

Think what I will do is, not have any syns on wednesday before weigh in, then if I lose I will treat myself to the whole 4 finger bar after dinner when I get home - now that sounds like a plan - just need to make sure the scales go down now - i'm strarting to get nervous it is getting nearer lol:rolleyes:


Lovin it !!! :)
Hi carolyn

yes, I did LL in 2003 & lost 7.5 stones - in the last 2 years I have gained half of it back due to 1 thing or another - I did attempt to get back on CD a few weeks ago but found I could only manage 3 days before I started to binge - this pattern followed for a couple of weeks until I thought - this is just not happening this time & I havn't learnt anything - a friend of mine has lost 3 stone easily on SW so hence my decision to give it a go. I kinda reasoned that I wanted to do CD as it gave fast losses but then weighed up the fact that as I was messing around so much I was doing more harm than good & needed to start on a sensible eating plan that I could follow & maintain long term. I have to say - I am enjoying this so much - I don't feel deprived - I am eating plenty & I don't feel like I need to stuff myself like food is going out of fashion - I did feel like this on CD - anyhoo - proof will be in the pudding so to speak - 1st weighin is on wednesday night - I have now decided that long term health is better for me than fast results with possible erratic habits afterwards.

Good luck with your choice - I did try WW in the past but found it a little restrictive with all the weighin etc - at least with SW I can be social and fit it into whatever day I am doing without worrying what size potato I am eating or how many grammes of pasta I have had or opting for 1 slice of meat etc - everything seems to be catered for.

Sorry - it was a simple question you asked me & I have ranted on for yonks lol - oops:D
I know how you feel, i did llife lost 3 stone and put it back on, did cambridge last year, lost 2 stone put it back on, just lost 18lb last 6 weeks on cambridge but am stuck and can't face it any more. Want to go to sw but don't want to put on first before losing, esp as got mum and dad's golden wedding party on june 27th but i can't stay on this any longer i don't think. I need to make the switch soon as am going mad :cry:

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